The Management of Parks and Reserves in Australia

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The Importance of National Parks

The national parks help in caring for the national and historical value. Plants and some animals do not have the ability to survival in harsh conditions, unlike man. Therefore, such plants and animals will find it extremely difficult to survive in disturbed environment or habitats that have been changed. The national parks and reserves help in preserving the natural habitats for some types of plants and animals and thereby contributing to their survival. They help people in the exploring and learning more about certain types of plants and animals and at the same time admiring the beauty of the nature and beauty of the environment. The management of the parks and reserves is an important issue to discuss given how important the national parks and reserves are to Australia and the rest of the world (Suich, Brian, and Anna 25).

The Importance of Effective Management

A discussion on the management of the parks and reserves include many issues which include the physical, financial and manpower resources. The effective management of parks involves the coordination of all the stakeholders in the sector as well as the common citizens in Australia and other parts of the World. The unit of competency covering the management of parks and reserves describes the skills and knowledge that are important in the management of parks and reserves and therefore the reading are essential in training people on effective management of parks and reserves.

The Role of Stakeholders and Setting Goals

The unit on the management of parks and reserves seeks to equip the learners with the skills and competencies that are essential in the effective management of the parks and reserves (Lecture Materials). I find the materials vital for the conservation of these natural resources in Australia. For any workplace or organizational plan to be successful, there must be contribution and coordination of all the stakeholders in the sector. The unit on the management of parks and reserves teaches on how to bring to the board of the stakeholders to help in the management and conservation of parks and reserves in Australia. The knowledge is important and can even be applied in other countries across the world. Therefore, the departments of Environment and Energy under the Australia government which is tasked with the responsibility of managing and conserving parks should ensure that they bring to board or the necessary stakeholders in the sector including the general public whose contribution cannot be ignored.

The Importance of Planning

Once the department has brought the stakeholders to board, the unit teaches that they are supposed to set the goals and the objectives of the programs that are aimed at the management of the parks and reserves. Setting goals and objectives of any particular program is a determinant of its success since it provides a platform under which all the stakeholders can work towards the same direction. Once the goals are set, the stakeholders should identify the operational activities and actions that are necessary for the achievement of the goals and objectives. The agency tasked with the responsibility of managing and conserving the parks should then communicate the roles, responsibilities and set targets to each member of staff as well as the departments.

The Need for Financial Planning

Having a plan provides a direction through which an organization and stakeholders follow with the aim of achieving certain goals and objectives. Ross et al. (243) note that lack of a plan in management and conservation of parks and reserves is as simple as planning to fail in the programs that are set. The Unit on the management of parks and reserves teaches the importance of having a business, marketing, human resources and financial plan in the management of the parks. Such is essential in providing a direction as well as informing the stakeholders in their specific roles in the management. I find the material essential in training the different stakeholders in the workplace on the effective methods and techniques in the management of parks and reserves.

Procurement and Asset Management

The success of the park's management requires elaborate financial plans which include a purchasing plan. Lack of a purchasing plan leads to failure in the procurement department given that the department does not know what is important to buy given the resources that they have. The unit covers the importance of planning on the quality, quantity, and timing of the supply of resources necessary for the management of parks. I feel the content of the unit on the financial planning, procurement planning, and establishing purchasing systems and records is essential to the success of parks management in any specific works place. The purchasing systems should consider the health and safety requirements as well as establish the asset databases and asset management reports (Child 27). The parks management agencies should utilize the new technology in asset and resource management to effectively achieve their objectives in managing parks and reserves. The new technology will also help effective budgeting, monitoring, and allocation of the financial resources that are allocated to the parks and reserves management agencies.

The Importance of Administrative and Communication Systems

The success of the management and conservation of the parks requires the establishment of effective administrative and communication systems. The unit teaches on how to establish such systems as well as the importance of such in the management and conservation of parks (Australian Government). The content on the management of information systems provides an effective guide on how the agencies are supposed to set the communication and information systems to monitor the organizational plans in the management and conservation of the parks and reserves. The plans of the agency in the management and conservation of the parks are supposed to pay attention to the work health and safety hazards standards and other policies that are set under Parks and Gardens in Australia and other policies. The plans should focus on the role of different levels of governments within certain regions in Australia. According to Ross et al. (33) plans should also pay attention to the “principles of the Australian Natural Heritage Charter and the Draft Guidelines for the Protection, Management and Use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Places and the Burra Charter."

The Role of Staff Training and Environmental Monitoring

Staff training on the effective management methods should follow after the organization has set the necessary plans and allocated enough resources to the management of specific parks and reserves in Australia. Baron et al. (1033) note that training of the members of the staff should include the new technology trends that is important in the achievement of the plans that are set by the organization. Such should include the software and hardware used as well as telecommunication systems equipment to help in coordination of the management activities.

Adapting to Globalization and Climate Change

The globalization and climate change have provided new challenges in the management and conservation of parks and reserves. The areas set for the parks and reserves have been tuned to other uses. The climate changes have made it hard for some plants and animals for survival. Therefore, it is important to establish systems that monitor the environment changes. Child (29) argues that such systems will provide a guide on the necessary steps in the management and conservation of national parks and reserves. The unit on the management of parks and reserves indicates that such plans are also essential in the development of financial, marketing and human resources plans as well as management of the conservation goals and objectives (Australian Government). After establishing and implementing the management systems, it is important to have systems that monitor the success of the plans. Such reviews will guide the organizations on the necessary steps to take such adjusting the plans to take care of the changes in the environment.

The Importance of Competency Training

The competency unit on management of parks and reserves is essential in training of the parks and reserves management staff. The contents of the course from the setting of goals and objectives to the establishment of monitoring systems are essential for the success of the parks and reserves management programs. The agency responsible for the management of parks and reserves is supposed to involve all the stakeholders in the development of the management plans. The agency should develop financially, human resources management and operational plans to guide the agency on the management of the parks and reserves. The staff of the organization should be trained and good information management systems established to ensure a good flow of information. The agency should utilize the opportunities provided by the new technology in the management of parks and reserves.

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