The Mechanical Design Process

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When machines are used carelessly or unnecessarily, they can cause fatal accidents. Working-safety is also critical for all employees in order to mitigate the serious repercussions described below.

Back accidents

Back accidents, for example, are linked to improper lifting practices (Józwik and Pietras 47). Heavy loads should be moved with support or with the aid of a hoist or a forklift. Heavy attachments can also be transferred with the buddy device. Safe lifting also includes correct lifting techniques such as keeping the back straight while lifting, squatting down when bent at the elbows, and holding the weight at the most comfortable position (Parker et al. 1174). Work mounting devices should not be adjusted with the machine in operation as this poses a risk. Whenever the operator is involved in adjustments or repairs that may pose electrical hazards, disconnection of the power source is paramount. The operator must also ensure that no one turns on the power supply when there is someone who's, for example, handling the belts and pulleys to adjust the speed of the machine (Parker et al. 1175). Milling cutters should be held with a rag when they are being installed or removed to avoid hand injuries.

Regulations have been put in place to enhance occupational safety. The milling cutter should be enclosed with self-closing guards as well as other safeguarding devices that are protective to the operator (Parker et al. 1176). Safe work practices should also be developed and implemented for the operators besides inspecting periodically to ensure compliance. All new workers should receive adequate training on how to use the machines and their competence ascertained before they can be allowed to work on their own (Parker et al. 1176). Work areas should have the appropriate safety signs and colour codes.

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