The Modest Proposal’s surprise ending.

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The surprise ending of Swift's work can be seen in his work. Cannibalism, according to the plan, is the alternative to managing the impoverished population, which is mostly made up of women and children. The proposal was symbolic and straightforward in its description of how the poor are oppressed by the wealthy, who survive at the expense of the former. This article describes the surprising ending and illustrates how effectively the author uses humor to encourage the reader to accept it.
Swift's Proposal employs a surprise ending in a variety of respects, including the use of confusing subjects and humor. The everyday realities of the lower class are not known by the rich. They are not bothered even when there was a suggestion to kill several children for profit. These show a great disconnect between the wealthy and the less fortunate which is why they are comfortable if the poor were killed for profit (Swift, 2007).

The cherry on top of the satire is in the last paragraph of the Proposal. Swift says that he is very loyal to his country and means every good for the country. Sacrificing Irish children for sacrifice is a proposal with the dire plight of his nation besides making the rich happy. Swift employs satire to drive his point home. Swift (2007) further insists that he does not have children whom he could exchange for money- a surprise ending for the readers.

The surprise ending is depicted when he rephrases his objective for advocating for his proposal. He adds that the project will benefit all the people of the nation. Besides, the surprise ending is brought out by the fact that his proposal state that children should be provided for. On the contrary, we learn at the beginning of his work that the same children be sold to the wealthy class so as to sustain the rest of the population. Swift summarizes his proposal by emphasizing the benefits associated with selling the children for food (2007). This is s surprise ending. He reminds the reader that he does not have children whom he could sell to earn money. This statement solidifies his argument on selling children to get cash in return. Readers cannot be sure of the proposal until the last paragraph where Swift prepares me for the surprise ending, as opposed to the way I expected.


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          Modest Proposal: h.htm


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