The Mommy: Film Analysis

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Humans' everyday struggles help determine their boundaries and the degree to which they can cope with various circumstances in life. People will learn some lessons about the parent-child relationship from the film The Mommy. Besides, the value of having good relationships with one's neighbors can be calculated in the film and other circumstances in life. The cinema connects to human circumstances so that it encompasses almost every aspect of a person's social life, from their economic status to their relationships with others and their attendance at educational institutions. Diane Despres "Die" took his son Steve to a facility for children with attentiondeficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). She did this shortly after her husband’s death probably because of Steve’s condition and not because she did not love her fifteen-year-old son. From this situation, people learn that although they may experience difficult time with their close relatives, there is always an option and humans should stand by them to help them identify their potential in life.

At the institution, Steve set the cafeteria on fire an act which left one boy injured. The act led him to be kicked out of school. He was recommended to be taken to a more strict juvenile detention, but Die did not like the idea. She knew if she took him to such an institution, Steve would never be rehabilitated. She therefore, opted to take care of him which meant she would only be able to do home based jobs. In this context, people can learn several things. One is that they should never lose hope in their children. They should create time to nurture their children to be excellent and ambitious young people. Love is what should guide people deeds as Die did to Steve despite the fact that they were always in turmoil.

Good relation with neighbors is another aspect that people learned from the movie. First, Paul entrance into the neighborhood was a significant advantage to Die as well as to Steve. Paul tried to help Steve with his legal problems since he was a lawyer. The second neighbor was Kyla who knew she needed the Despres as much as they needed her. Kyla offered to tutor Steve an act which Calmed Steve down. On the other hand, Kyla found that her stammer was being healed as she interacted with Steve. It is clear that all people have neighbors and they may not be able to solve their problems unless they relate well with their neighbors. Therefore, people learn that they should form a friendship with their neighbors and in so doing some issues which may have been consistent in their lives may be settled.

In the movie, Xavier Dolan used several production techniques in different settings to portray different themes. Camerawork and production design have been employed in the production of the movie to give a sense of uniqueness. The aspect ratio of the film is strange; the screen outline is in the portrait form. At one moment Dolan shows Steve taking such a picture (Dolan 18). The screen limits their horizon and reflects the emotional power of the drama. The display also widens up at happy moments. The portrait is in the 1:1 ratio, this limits distraction and focus on only the people. Another thing is the usage of 35mm negative to shoot the movie. Dolan’s choice to shoot with the negative was probably to enhance the emotion of the film.

Another production technique used is the performance technique in the movie. For instance, Dorval and Pilon are hilarious; they double act which degenerates into a debate violent. At one instant Pilon is full of anger, and at another, he is handsome, and in another, he is acting like a small baby. Die on the other hand was having a heartbreaking relationship with Kyla. Her relationship with Steve becomes more difficult she after that formed a friendship with Kyla, and their final dialogue is so agonizing.

Also admirable is the use of music in the movie. Dolan used dreamy instrumental score, many 1990s songs which included Building a mystery by Sarah Mclachlan, Celine Dion's On ne change pas, Oasis' Wonderwall, and colorblind by Counting Crows'. Dolan ironically used Franz Schubert’s music in the scene of the little wild rose. The song is playing when Diane begs for a translation work and more importantly cash advance (Jason 2). The movie also has costume play a vital role to portray certain acts. Die wears different costumes in different situations to enhance her attention. For example, when she wanted to get work as a translator she wore super-short skirts. Another example is her modified rock-chick dress sense. She is superb with this outfit but feels currently people are looking at wrong reasons which makes her realize that the norm works when people fancy someone.

In the movie I can take several things that I have seen can help me grow my acting career. Performance in the film is one of the techniques I have seen I need to improve as an actor. First, I have understood the use of double acting to enhance the emotion of my audience. The camera work is also another aspect I have identified from the movie can be so crucial to portray specific factors in performance. I have learned that to improve the emotional aspect of play; the best technique is to use the portrait form of shooting.

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