The Nervous System Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Biology

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The nervous system comprises two major systems namely the Endocrine and the nervous system. The Endocrine is served with the purpose of coordinating all the regular activities within the human body organs. These activities are well supported by the use of the doctrine cells that are submitted by the endocrine hormones. On the other side, the nervous system transmits and directs immediately the response to the body about the environment ("Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Biology in 2016," 2017, p. 45. There are also neurons that are responsible for signal transmission to various parts of the body.


For this type of experiment at hand, The independent variables that transpired, in this case, were the different changes that existed in the waves or rather he neurons within the nervous system ("Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Biology in 2016," 2017, p. 45. The dependent variable on the other side is when the body of the specimen taken tends to move in accordance with the various movements within the tendons and the neurons which were closely related to the signals collected by the body.


We find out that the main types of the most simple bilateral types of nervous systems are found within those animals that tend to have very minimal or rather small types of segments hence known as the invertebrates ("Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Biology in 2016," 2017, p. 45. On the other hand, the segments and bones of great magnitude and flid are those that are mainly found on the vertebrates which represents those animals with very strong backbones.


From the experiments made, the waves arising from Alpha. Beta and theta are very much supportive of the hypothesis in that they clearly explain the various parts of the nervous systems and in turn, give an update on the various special parts to be dealt with.

Works cited

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Biology in 2016. (2017). Biology, 6(4), 2. doi:10.3390/biology6010002

August 09, 2023



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