The New Order in the World History

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There is a long and fascinating history of the North and South Americas. It is a multi-country with a population that comprises nearly all of the world's nations. Such multiculturalism, to date, is related to immigration. The citizenry of today has nothing to do with the tribal people of these lands. Often associated with the settlement of these lands, which took place hundreds of years ago, is the rich racial diversity of modern North and South America.

In the 19th century, Spain colonialized Central and South America. Much of Spain's American colonies achieved independence as a part of the Fight for the Independence of the Spanish Colonies in America in the 1810s. Such independent modern countries as Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina had appeared. Europe needed new lands, in Europe there are few minerals and little land. Therefore, it became necessary to explore and to conquer new lands. As the economic zone of Venezuela grew, trade with Europe and other colonies expanded. Venezuela, for example, was governed in the early 18th century by a colonial administration. Later, in 1777, it was singled out as an independent general-captain.

In 1534 France had made an unsuccessful attempt to seize the coast of Canada. The attempts had become successful in1663, since Canada had become a French colony. State-owned enterprises were located on the colonial lands. At a rapid pace began to develop plantation farming, based on the work of African applicants. In the colony there were also no entrepreneurs. Noblemen, younger sons of aristocratic families, convicted of dueling, adventurers, hunters, soldiers and travelers were sent to the Colonial lands. The clergy of the New France took upon themselves the mission of spreading Christianity among the local tribes.

New Netherland was a region on the eastern coast of North America in the 18th century. The Dutch colonization of the Caribbean islands began in the 1620s. The Dutch settled in Curacao. In 1602, the Government of the Republic of the United Provinces established the Dutch East India Company. Since 1630, the Republic of the United Provinces has controlled most of the territories of present-day north-western Brazil. Trade was the main form of labor at that time. At the beginning of the 20th century, many Dutchmen came to Chile from South Africa, where they built a railway. In Guyana, the Dutch traded with the Indians, founded sugar plantations on which African slaves worked.

The first English colony that could survive in the New World was a small settlement called Jamestown, founded in 1607. A great part of the population became farmers. Some colonies were large port cities with a developed ship industry. In order to establish full economic control over its colonies, Britain purchased all manufactured goods produced in the colonies, and instead of the colony received raw materials and agricultural goods. Having at its disposal a large fleet, the British colonies begin active trade with the West Indies, which substantially increased the economy of the colonies.

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