The Nursing Care and Practice Utilizing Peplau's Theory

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The nursing care and practice can utilize Peplau’s theory to enhance communication between nurses and patients in a health facility. This situation will foster patient engagement hence enabling nurses to retrieve the correct information necessary for effective patient treatment.

Question Two

The Australian healthcare system emerged in 1788 with the development of temporary medical service that catered for convicts and other individuals in the country (NSW, 2018). Over time, it evolved to see the establishment of the Department of Public Health staged to address the unique and diverse issues requisite for the promotion of health. Presently, it provides patients with equitable access to world-class treatments. Also, its robust primary care system helps to promote health by advocating for disease prevention strategies. However, it is unable to provide facilities with information sharing tools. Also, its emphasis on disease prevention hikes health care costs.

            Question Three

            The lack of financial resources makes it difficult for individuals to access health services hence making them vulnerable to acquiring preventable and chronic diseases. Also, social factors such as poverty and illiteracy them and create health inequities. For instance, ignorance highly impedes the ability of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people to utilize health information. Also, their poor states lead them to live in slums hence enhancing the spread of communicable diseases amongst their population.

            Africans are highly affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This issue arises due to poverty since it impedes their efforts to acquire health resources that promote safe sexual behaviours. Also, cultural practices such as early marriages and polygamy further foster the spread of the epidemic.

            Question Four

            Enrolled nurses in acute care settings often deal with patients who exude minor and non-life-threatening diseases or injuries. Here, they may work with their fellow nurses, physicians, and a few medical specialists. In a primary care setting, however, these nurses provide patients with comprehensive care in both the primary, secondary, and tertiary stages. Here, they may work alongside physicians, nursing practitioners, family doctors, and specialists such as anaesthetists, geriatricians, internal medicine doctors, obstetricians, and paediatricians to provide comprehensive medical services that address a wide array of patient needs. The philosophical framework of primary healthcare acknowledges that diseases emanate from the physical self, psychological dimensions, and socio-cultural factors. As such, it encourages healthcare providers to ensure the holistic provision of health services by promoting health awareness fostering disease prevention through education. This situation fosters the attainment of wellness by encouraging patients to engage in activities that improve their health. 

            Question Five

            The Australian National and State government provides Medicare Insurance coverage to all their citizens. This scheme mandates the Federal and State authorities to provide health facilities with funding for the treatment of Medicare beneficiaries. It has enabled Australians to afford quality healthcare hence improving their health outcomes and reducing hospital readmissions. Medicare is an insurance program that allows recipients to access healthcare services from any Medicare-funded health facility in Australia while private health insurance permits patients to obtain healthcare services from private health institutions. Also, the premiums paid by Medicare beneficiaries are minimal compared to those paid via private health insurance. In regards to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, this program fosters the reduction of prices for prescription medications. It has allowed the government to contain healthcare costs while permitting Australians to afford their prescribed drugs hence improving their health outcomes and promoting the efficiency of the healthcare system.  

            Question Six

            The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia is responsible for the registration of nursing students and practitioners, the creation of standards for nursing care, the investigation and disciplinary of health facilities or practitioners who fail to adhere to standards of care, and the accreditation of nursing courses taught in higher institutions of learning. In regards to the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, this union advocate for health institutions to adhere to quality and safety in patient care while maintaining the affordability of health services to promote the health and well-being of Australians.

            Question Seven

            The primary initiatives undertaken to control the emergence of cancer in Australia include research on its causes and best treatments, promotion of early detection and prompt treatment services through screening, and advocating for the adoption of sun safety techniques amongst citizens to prevent its onset (Australian Government Department of Health, 2016). Additionally, the department provides support and treatment for individuals living with cancer to foster their recovery. It also aids health professionals working with these patients by providing them with world-class resources for better patient care.

            Question Eight

            Many Asian countries incorporate alternative medicine into their health practices. These include the use of herbs, acupuncture, and relaxation techniques as alternatives to contemporary medicine. As Australia health focus often prioritizes disease prevention, they stand to benefit from alternative medications such as herbs that help boost a patient’s immunity and relaxation techniques which prevent the emergence of stress in patients and aggravate their health conditions further. 

            Question Nine

            I would not accept the assignments because the nurse in charge did not obtain the patient’s consent to engage in this practice. Furthermore, the exercise does not comply with the established standards of the nursing practice. It compromises standard one, six, and ten of the conventional rules for the nursing practice. Standard one recommends that nurses adhere to the established laws, policies, and procedures to guide their practice while standard six advocates for nurses to provide patients with timely and skilled care which seeks their involvement in decision making (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2017). In regards to standard ten, it encourages nurses to engage in practices that promote the quality and safety of patient care (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2017). As such, I would inform the nurse in charge of that the exercise violates the standards of nursing practice and report the incident to the management.

            Question Ten

            Skin cancer awareness is an effective health promotion strategy as it educates individuals on sun-safe techniques that prevent the emergence of skin cancer. It has led to individuals to adopt sun-safe behaviours which are crucial to the long-term eradication of the disease. Skin cancer mainly develops amongst individuals who regularly expose their skins to Ultraviolet light, have fair skin, are older, have skin problems or a history of the disease in their families. This situation necessitates them to consult dermatologists for advice and treatment as these are health professionals with in-depth knowledge of the human skin.


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October 13, 2023

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