The Personality Test

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The ability of a test to consistently measure a specific attribute is referred to as its reliability. For example, safety investigates the possibility that if a certain worker or employee is given an identical assignment on multiple occasions, he or she will be able to achieve the same score or result. Validity, on the other hand, refers to the distinguishing quality measured by a certain test. As a result, it provides significance to a given personality score. Faking has a substantial impact on a test's validity and reliability. In the case of employment, faking will produce different results as time passes, resulting in unreliable findings (Roulin, 2015). Objective personality tests play a significant role in reducing the instances of faking. An objective personality test has a full scale for testing an employee whereas the self-report is a pen and a paper that does not gauge an individual to a greater extent (Jansen, 2012). Moreover, the objective personality test determines several aspects such as abnormal behaviors as compared to the self-report. However, the actual test is dependent on the level of openness and honesty of an employee.

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Employers should use personality for making employment decisions and determine additional skills possessed by an individual on top of the required expertise. Moreover, it measures an individual's emotional intelligence which is vital. Applicability and relevance, as well as the value of personality tests, is underlined by the need to train the providers of the tests to enable them to make informed decisions (Smith, 2003). It is ethical to provide the personality test in a workplace environment in a purposeful manner. The personality test should have a purpose before its application. Also, the use of a personality test should correlate with its intended use of the test. Personality tests application should observe confidentiality and privacy.


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April 26, 2023

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