The prevention of obesity and the role of exercise

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Cynthia Ferreira - Physiology Professor at the University of Massachusetts

Cynthia Ferreira is a physiology professor at the University of Massachusetts. As a result, she has vast expertise in the area. Cheryl Nobrega and Dr. Faina Dulfan are physical therapy specialists who work in various places in the United States of America. The authors investigate the prevalence of obesity and healthier behavior among university students of health-related majors and those of non-health-related majors. The study concluded that students in health-related majors are more likely to be socially active and consume healthier diets than students in other majors. The statistics were 38 percent of students of majors not related to health led unhealth lives as compared to 21 percent of students of health science who practiced healthy lives. The paper will be important in showing the importance of health communication in encouraging people to participate in physical activity and other means of preventing obesity.

Gutin, B. (2011). Diet vs. exercise for the prevention of pediatric obesity: the role of exercise. International Journal of Obesity, 35(1), 29-32.

Bernard Gutin is a professor of physiology at the Columbia University. Therefore, the author is very familiar with the topics concerning metabolism and human physiology. In the article, the writer compares the effectiveness of reducing energy intake and increasing physical activity as a way of preventing obesity. According to the researcher, increasing the physical activity works better in making the bodies of people leaner as compared to restricting the intake of calories. The article is critical in the research because the author is an authoritative scholar in the field of psychology. The article will be valuable in the research in analyzing reduced energy intake as an alternative to exercising. Also, the article will give the advantages of exercising over reduced energy intake to prevent obesity.

Thyfault, J.P., & Wright, D.C. (2016). "Weighing" the effects of exercise and intrinsic aerobic capacity: Are there beneficial effects independent of changes in weight? Applied Physiology, Nutrition & Metabolism, 41(9), 911-916.

John Thyfault is an associate professor of physiology at the University of Kansas. David Curtis Wright, on the other hand, is an associate professor of social sciences at the University of Calgary. Therefore, both authors are informed in the areas of physiology and social science respectively. In the research article, the authors highlight studies that have argued that exercise is protective against obesity. The authors argue that regular exercise protects people against inflammation and insulin resistance that result from docile lives. The authors also focus on recent studies that have linked improved liver function to single bouts of exercise. The paper will be important in supporting the thesis statement as well as giving evidence on how exactly exercise is important in preventing obesity and therefore reducing mortality. The paper will be essential in the research because it includes detailed examinations of previous research by other scholars in the area of study.

Yetter, G. (2009). Exercise-based school obesity prevention programs: An overview. Psychology in The Schools, 46(8), 739-747.

Georgette Yetter is a doctorate holder as well as a licensed psychologist who practices in Oklahoma. Therefore, the author is an authority on the subject of the mental impacts of obesity among people of different ages. In the paper, the scholar and practitioner talk about the issues of obesity among the youths and how best to prevent obesity with schools as promising environments for treating obesity. The author discusses the need for schools to implement measures that give students the chance to exercise at least 60 minutes every day including 30 minutes in school environments. The author also points out intervention programs that have been supported by research and implemented by schools. The paper will be important in giving the importance of maintaining proper weight to the psychology of youths as well as the means of preventing obesity among teens. The experience of the author as a practitioner primarily makes the paper unique in the research.

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