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The main scientific article focuses on an experiment performed on two groups of mice that were simultaneously given water and coffee. The purpose of the study is to determine whether or not coffee affects diabetes. All of the mice used for the test had a mutation that could cause them to develop diabetes.

The first stage is deciding on the study's goal, in this case, determining whether coffee can help prevent the development of high blood sugar. The objective's earliest studies are examined to assemble background knowledge and facts. After that, a hypothesis is developed by looking at the study's immediate surroundings. After formulating the hypothesis, the actual experiment is carried out. It is through the experiments that we can be able to validate the hypothesis. During the experiment the mice are carefully controlled and various tests are done depending with the hypothesis. In our experiment, the group of ten mice that was supplied with "diluted black coffee as drinking fluid (coffee and water in the ratio 1:1)" is the controlled group. The group of eleven mice supplied with only water is the independent group. As the experiment proceeds, the groups of mice get observed to find if any physiological change has taken place. Scientists observed that the group of 10 mice exhibited physiological change; that means the diluted black coffee had an effect on the concertation of glucose in their bodies. The specific hypothesis that got tested in the experiment is "drinking diluted black coffee decreases the risk of getting diabetes." After finishing experimenting, the scientists reviewed the data they collected, and the findings indicated that the group of 10 mice had a thirty percent drop in the concentration of blood glucose compared to the other group of mice which was supplied with water. Therefore, the conclusion is that the hypothesis is correct and coffee is capable of preventing high levels of glucose.

Considerations for the research

Despite the described research being correct, various things need to be considered. It is essential that the sample sizes for the two sample groups of mice are equal. In a research a sample reflects what is likely to happen within the population, having an equal number of mice for the two samples will ensure that the conclusion reached is valid and reliable; the research is not biased to one group. Also, the sample size should have been significant to guarantee that the data corrected gives a more accurate conclusion. The test subjects and treatment were relevant and appropriate given that all the control and independent group under study got subjected to similar conditions except for the drink each group got supplied with. A potential bias I can think of in research studies of this nature include experimental errors, for example, in the research one cannot accurately tell the amount of drinking each of the mice for both samples drunk. The research study has a limitation such how well human beings can embrace the finding and if the conclusion can efficiently be copied in human beings.

Relevance and significance of the research

Scientific researches of this type are relevant to the world as a whole given that a more significant population drinks coffee. Today, the studies serve as an approach to validating various hypothesis statements and relate the result to real-life scenarios (Thomas, Stephen & Jack ). Therefore, the research is of great significance and gives a development in studies that can be inferenced to human beings despite being faced with adoptability challenges.

Work cited

Thomas, Jerry R., Stephen Silverman, and Jack Nelson. Research methods in physical activity, 7E. Human kinetics, 2015.

April 19, 2023

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