The Process of Project Management

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The process of project management

The process of initiating, planning, carrying out, controlling, and concluding a team's duties in order to meet predetermined deadlines is known as project management. In essence, this sector can be utilized in businesses and organizations of all sizes. In a similar vein, it is beneficial for any business to have a project manager who is committed to supervising all projects from inception to successful conclusion. Recognizing that efficient tactics can help businesses complete projects on schedule, with little disturbance, and within the allotted budget is crucial. As such, this essay will discuss such techniques and approaches that ensure the plans remain on schedule and operates on the allocated resources. Additionally, this paper will provide examples of project management found in the bible; finally, it will explain the benefits and risks associated with outsourcing.

Successful Project Management Strategies

Considering that most business projects require large-scale planning, it is evident that they affect every department in the company. Therefore, it is important to make sure that project managers use effective strategies in efforts to achieve success. First, it is critical to define the scope of the project as well as ensure that all details concerning the plan are finalized before beginning. Second, successful project management requires setting clear expectations about all the members involved in the different components of a project to create accountability. Thirdly, the project manager should choose the right system and team for the respective tasks. When a winning combination of talent, skills, and personalities aligned with project requirements are put together, it is easy to achieve the set goals efficiently (Munns, A. K., &Bjeirmi, 2006). Finally, the project team should establish effective communication; it is the role of the project manager to create a plan featuring how groups will be communicating among themselves and with stakeholders.

Examples of Project Management in the Bible

In the Bible, there are instances where God prepares and plans things in advance with someone, for them to carry out tasks or complete projects. Take, for instance, the case of prophet Nehemiah who was mandated by God to undertake the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, a task that took approximately fifty-two days for completion. According to the Bible, this was the most formidable and incomprehensible project, which was undertaken in a short period. Another example of project management in the Bible is the building of the temple and tabernacle involved God giving clear instructions to David. Moreover, there was a specified time when the project was to be carried out, by Solomon according to God’s instructions. The third example involves instructions given to Moses to deliver the children of Israel from Egypt where they were slaves (Shenhar, Dvir, Levy,&Maltz, 2001). God provided Moses with specific instructions and gave Moses the time to undertake the different tasks.

Benefits and Risks Associated with Outsourcing

Essentially, some businesses prefer outsourcing services for project management; availability of collaboration tools is making this kind of business process more diverse with time. However, it is crucial to analyze the benefits and risks before incorporating outsourcing in a company. The benefits include the fact that outsourced managers have better perspectives on your company’s needs and issues. As such, the project is efficiently established; they are aggressive and goal-oriented, thereby increasing the success level of the plan. Also, there is better productivity in the organization as the inside manager continues focusing on the core responsibilities of the business. However, outside managers access private information, which is risked to ensure effective project management. Furthermore, in case the project fails, a huge amount of money is at risk of being lost (Munns, A. K., &Bjeirmi, 2006). Finally, in case the project managers are outsourced from different countries, management cultures may present problems since different nations approach collaboration from various points of views.


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March 02, 2023

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