The Qur’an

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The Qur'an is ordered in a methodical fashion based on the message that each Surah is designed to communicate. It is written from left to right, as in Arabic, and should be read in the same manner. The preceding chapter focuses on parental and brotherly attachment, as well as the animosity in the midst.

The Illuminating Explanation of Life's Experiences

The preceding Surah of the Qur'an provides an illuminating and enlightening explanation of life's experiences. This is due to the fact that he has visions in the form of dreams at such a young age and is the only one who can explain them. The intriguing issue about the chapter is that the main cast who is Joseph the son of Jacob is the only one who can interpret his dreams even the elderly members of the community did not have the knowledge to translate them (Von Denffer 54). This story is among those in the Qur'an that seem to encourage the triumph of inspirational faith and morality in the community when its sanity is tainted and tarnished by the evil in the world. Apparently, the theme that is clear from the text is that of love and hatred. Joseph was the youngest but the brightest in the house of Jacob, which earned him favor in his father's eyes (Watt 43). He was endowed with the ability to see every situation from an entirely different perspective from any of Jacob's sons.

The Hatred of Joseph's Brothers

Everyone was proud and welcoming to Joseph except for his brothers who felt that he had overstepped the boundaries as their father always chose him over them. The bond of love that Joseph shared with his father was the reason his brothers endeared to brew hatred towards him in efforts and plans to break the link the two shared. The disdainful nature of the brothers is the reason they made plans in haste to kill their brother but then one of them made the suggestion of ditching him at the bottom of the well because she could stomach taking the life of his brother (Abdul-Raof 33). The fact that they went through with their plans just helps to undoubtedly bring out the extent of hatred they had for him. Contrary to their anticipations, their father found it hard to accept that his dear son was murdered and he refused to take his meals. His actions suffice to elaborate that he loved his son unconditionally (Watt). The analysis supports the chronology assigned to it as it merely depicts events that partook in the life of Joseph since his early age until he grew elderly. The events occur in the order in the Qur'an thus making it easy to follow and explain.

Intrinsic Features

The intrinsic feature of the text is that is that it is Meccan. This is mainly because the verse contains a three-verse introductory framing about the Qur'an, which is not the same case with some of the Surahs of the Qur'an. Moreover, after the aforementioned, a ten-verse epilogue explicably talks about the Meccans. The Qur'an is a holy book that is meant to encourage justice, equality, peace and harmonious co-existence as a way of inspiring the triumph of morality. Since the verse talks about the evil things that human beings think and do in the course of their daily lives, the ten-verse epilogue that talks about the Meccans are meant to show the punishments that were administered to the early disbelievers. They are also intended to encourage the acceptance of prophetic messages just as the one that Joseph presented to the people including his father and siblings (Von Denffer 46).

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