The Reasons Why Employees Desire Higher Pay and More Time Off Work

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In any organization, employees play a critical role in ensuring that the objectives of the company are met by providing services needed to realize its strategic goals. As such, it can be said that employees are very important and that is why they desire to be treated right. According to Mendelson (2015), the manner in which an organization relates to its employees will reflect in their behavior such that organizations that want good employees have to not only pay but treat them better. In line to this, there are diverse ways through which employers can ensure their employees are well taken care of but the two most important is to giver higher pay and more time off. Some of the reasons as to why the latter is true include the following as discussed.

To begin with, a higher pay can and will motivate employees in two key ways; that is to retain their jobs and to increase their productivity. With a higher pay, it can only mean that the employer is aware and is appreciative of the skills the employee has to offer. Taking into account that the labor market is very competitive and that every organization is fighting to have the right kind of employees based on skills, expertise, and experience, it is adamant to give deserving employees a higher pay. This will in return ensure that there is a low employee turnover thus a positive for both the organization and the employees (Mendelson, 2015). Furthermore, an organization which is in a position to retain its employees for longer periods can train them accordingly to perform as per its strategic goals thus increasing its competitive advantage.

Another reason as to why employees desire a higher pay is to motivate them to be better at their jobs. People who are well paid constantly take their jobs seriously as they do not have to worry about economic burdens. We work in order to earn a living and with a higher pay, employees can be in a position to meet more than their daily needs. As explained by Greenwald (2018), a wellness culture within organizations takes into consideration not only the health but the happiness and well-being of employees. Therefore, giving a higher pay and more time off directly influences the physical, mental and psychological well being of an employee thus the more reason for the two to be realized.

More time off work is also important so as to rejuvenate the employees. Mohn (2014) explains that giving employees time off to take vacations is important so as to relieve the body from work-related pressures. In other words, this is to mean that time off work results to employees being relaxed both mentally and physically such that when they resume work, they are able to be productive. Mohn (2014) further points out that less time off create a less productive environment for employees easily making them less loyal to their employer.

In conclusion, employees are worth higher pay and more time off because these directly affect not only their productivity and that of the organization but also their well being. As mentioned above, organizations rely heavily on their employees’ performance and availability to meet their strategic goals. Therefore, it is only necessary to match the effort, time and expertise put in by employees by giving them a higher pay and time off work to rejuvenate. The overall benefit of this is a continual cycle of increased productivity that ensures all involved, that is organizations, employees and the economy, continue to grow and develop effectively.


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October 05, 2023

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