The Role of Change Management in Organizational Development

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Incorporation of personal and professional learnings from my client report. In the inventory layout project I decided to use the Positive Model of change management. I chose the model because it allows one as an OD practitioner to direct energies towards aspects of the organization that are on the right track instead of using a lot of time on the problems. Moreover, in the OD course, I have mostly learnt of other models such as Kotter’s 8 step, Lippett’s theory and Lewin model. Therefore, by choosing something different, I got an opportunity to learn first-hand on how to implement change by using the Positive Model. Furthermore, the Positive Model provided a chance for me to enhance consultant-client relationship that will lead to better change implementation. Moreover, with this kind of model, an OD professional is able to determine how positive and negative forces interact to impact the execution of change in the organization (Bright, 2009). The fact that human and social capital aspects of the organization are in play makes the Positive Model an ideal theory to lead change (Bright, 2009).  For example, I learned that positive forces such as innovation, creativity, transformative leadership create change while others such conflicts, anger and resentment oppose it. I also selected this model, to enable me to learn more about appreciative inquiry and how it connects to and aids in facilitating change.

I never knew how hard it is to implement change until I carried out this project. I learnt that to lead change one must anticipate and expect resistance. However, an OD professional should provide an accurate diagnosis of resistance level before initiating, leading and implementing change in a business (Kotter, and Schlesinger, 2008). In my client project, I discovered that majority of employees were resistant to change. It is also crucial that one understands what can cause people to resist change in the organization. Some of the reasons include low tolerance to change, lack of trust, poor communication and organizational politics (Kottter & Schlesinger, 2008). I learnt that one should never underestimate the role power and influence as a result of politics affect change in the organization. In fact, organizational politics and planned change are interrelated (Kamalesh & Thibodeux, 1990).However, I also learnt that change can succeed in where the correct OD principles are applied if when the projects being undertaken re not of that nature .Before that, I had a notion that human beings are complex creatures whose first instinct is to rebel to anything which is different from what they are used to. On the contrary, I learnt that where there is a good corporate culture that embraces changer, proper communication and leadership that is actively involved, change can succeed (Cowley, 2007). Proper dialogue with various stakeholders can turn opposing voices into strong champions and advocates for change within the organization.

The feedback process with the client involved providing an evaluation of the improvements to sustain change within the organization. I learned that as an OD consultant, it’s not enough to make recommendations, it is essential to conduct evaluation of the change process to receive positive feedback from the client. If I were practising as an OD consultant on the project, what I would have done differently is the model of planned change used. I would have preferred Kotter’s 8 step process of change management over the Positive Model.

The learnings from the project will be crucial for my work as an OD consultant in the future. For example, I will take my time to select the best model or theory to implement change. The selected model has an impact on project outcomes. Secondly, I will identify areas of resistance and apply relevant techniques to turn them into drivers of change. Some of the techniques I will as are negotiations, reconciliation, and mediations. Thirdly, I will identify a suitable method of data collection and conduct SWOT/Force field analysis to better understand the organization I will be consulting for.

Description of client feedback experience

I presented my work to the Chief Operating Officer of IBM, Sophie Vanderbroeke. I decided to present it to one of the senior executives in order to secure top management commitment and support for implementing recommendations. My experience was an eye opener because Miss Vanderbroeke showed genuine interest in my work, listened attentively, asked questions and challenged my position on a number of issues without appearing intimidating. One of the interested issues she raised was how the new inventory layout could be made more environmental friendly. I was quite pleased because the response of business to environmental challenges is one of the emerging OD issues among scholars, researchers and academia. Given an opportunity, I would have loved to have involved Miss.Vanderbroke in the inventory layout project as an executive sponsor because she recognized and expressed a desire for change through her leadership. Her support from the beginning of the project would have been very influential in assisting me overcome resistance to the change initiative.


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October 24, 2023

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