The Role of Design in Social Innovation

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The article by Schwartz and Krabbendam is an important piece explaining how design has been able to change the world (Schwartz and Krabbendam 15). Through the piece one can easily understand the roles and responsibilities of the designers as social innovators. Despite this, the design’s social agenda is not clear. I agree with the fact that there is need to establish a debate about the design’s social agenda. The presented aspect would provide an insight into the future of social design. Additionally, it would clarify on the fact about sustainability. I consider the author’s argument that viewing sustainability from an ecological point of view alone as baseless. Apparently, ecological factors drive sustainability, thus giving rise to the other aspects which shape the environment and life.

            Increased globalization contributes towards the cultural shift which is noted in the society. Schwartz and Krabbendam fail to acknowledge that the role that the designer has to play in ensuring all cultures are included in the design process is not clear. Therefore, various questions can be prompted at this stage to promote an understanding of the identified factor. For instance, what are the social responsibilities of a designer in driving innovation within a culturally dynamic environment? Answering the presented question will outline the important steps which designers can undertake with an aim of social design promotion.

            The author fails to mention the fact that even if the designers have a role to play in promoting social, they have a responsibility of managing values which change due to culture. At this point, the most valid question to pose is what roles can designers play to counteract the shift in cultural values in order to manage the changes in lifestyle?  Through this, it is possible to outline aspects such as creativity and how they forge a new way of living.

Works Cited

Schwartz, Michiel and Diana, Krabbendam. Sustainist Design Guide. B/S Publishers, 2011. Print

August 01, 2023

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