The Role of Media in American Democracy

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Media and its Influence on American Democracy

Media has enormous influence on the American democracy because almost all Americans acquire their news from the media as opposed to other people or sources (Craft and Davis 5). The stories that media cover and the information they share determines how Americans view the world and what matters to them. Besides general lifestyle information that media relay play an important role critical to the American democratic process; including but not limited to civic education. Media investigates, encourages accountability, helps generate social empathy, creates a public conversation, and informs, analyzes, interprets and explains.

Analyzing the Relationship Between the Press and the President: A Lesson Plan

“Analyzing the Relationship Between the Press and the President: A Lesson Plan," a story written by Harris and Gonchar, illustrates how media can analyze, interpret, and explain information (Harris and Gonchar). First, the story informs and reveals to the public the existing rift between the press and the president. Besides, as a way of providing civic education, Harris, and Gonchar quotes the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Additionally, some tweets by President Donald Trump are revisited and interpreted.

The Role of Media in Uncovering Hidden Facts

One of the most recent trending topics in the American political scene has been Cambridge Analytica. Allegedly, Cambridge Analytica bridged voters’ privacy, profiled them and influenced the 2016 U. S presidential election. Though a controversial story that many will avoid delving into, it is the responsibility of the media to unearth and inform the public about some hidden facts (Craft and Davis 26). This was demonstrated, among other cases, by the New York Times in the release titled “How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions” (Rosenberg, Confessore, and Cadwallader). Such kind of investigated reports helps the public to make informed decision about their leaders and keep them in check.

Fostering Public Conversation and Citizen Views

By informing the public about what the government is about to do, media spark a public conversation hence allowing the views of the citizens to be taken into consideration by the policymakers, and the entire administration (Craft and Davis 15). For instance, “Americans Oppose Border Walls, Favor Dealing With DACA” (Newport), compiles some of the views that the public had concerning the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA).

Generating Social Sympathy and Initiating Social Change

Some of the reports that the media reveal generate social sympathy and act as the beginning of social change (Craft and Davis 22). For instance, by continually talking about the suffering of black community in the United States, a conversation on the issues was initiated, and at least, there is a reduction in racism that was being meted out. “Suffering in silence: Blacks, mental illness” is an example of such stories that push the leadership and the community to sympathize and provide help (Ellis).

The Media's Role in Ensuring Accountability

Lastly, the media provides accountability in a democracy. The media inform the public about what public servants are mandated to do, their achievements, failures, and misdeeds hence keeping them accountable (Craft and Davis 22). Hansler, the CNN reporter, illustrates how media may encourage accountability. “Lewandowski tells voters to hold Trump accountable for campaign promises” reminds the voters about the promises that the president had promised (Hansler). To the fear of public knowledge, politicians are likely to perform better, and with integrity if they know that the citizens are informed.

Multiple Functions of Media Content

All content performed multiple functions. This is mainly because the central role of the media is to inform. Thus even an investigative piece will educate the public and probably spark some emotions and sympathy. For example, Cambridge Analytica saga investigates, informs, and sparks a public conversation. Some content was more challenging to find than others.

The Influence of Demand on Media Content

A notable example was getting media report that created a social sympathy. Media mainly follow the trend. Consequently, topics on demand are written, heard, watch, and read more.

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September 11, 2023

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