The Role of Media in Criminal Justice

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The Need for Efficient Criminal Justice Systems

The speed taken by the federal courts and the whole criminal justice system to solve both petty and serious criminal cases is rising at a high rate. Recently, I reported a case of theft after unknown people broke into my room and stole a few personal items. After reporting this matter, I expected the state to make an effort in solving it by bringing the culprits to justice. Unfortunately, no efforts have been made nor any communication regarding the matter. Evidently, this and other similar cases indicate that there is lack of efficiency and slow response to criminal justice across the state.

The Role of Public Participation

Over the last few decades, the United States has developed in terms of diversification of its culture and legal processes. This diversity has been achieved in a period where more people are aware of their rights and duties especially in public participation among issues affecting the country. More people continue to push the government to come up with efficient criminal justice systems and federal bureaucracies to ensure that people are served adequately and efficiently.

Improving the Criminal Justice System

Increasing the pace with which criminal cases are solved ensures that all people are served efficiently and equitably. Therefore, it is important that both the public and those in the criminal justice system improve this area. First, the public can improve the criminal justice system by understanding the rule of law. This strategy is important in educating the public regarding their roles and responsibilities in criminal justice. Those people in the criminal justice system should also ensure that they understand legal requirements surrounding their duties. Lastly, information regarding legal obligation of these two parties can easily be obtained from media outlets, magazines, and other legal components ("How to Comment on a Rule | Center for Effective Government", 2015).


How to Comment on a Rule | Center for Effective Government. (2015). Retrieved 26 April 2018, from

Pound, R. (2018). Criminal justice in America. Routledge.

August 01, 2023

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