Part V of Canadian Police Services Act

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The public may submit complaints about police conduct, policy, or service under Part V of the Canadian Police Services Act. Filling out forms on the Office of the Independent Police Review Director's (OIPRD) website allows users to submit grievances. (OIPRD, 2014). In addition, they can get the forms from any police office in Ontario. (OPP, 2016). The accuser may enter various information in the form, including the kind of charge. Specifically, whether the allegation relates to a policy, behavior, or service that makes investigations easier. (OIPRD, 2014). The online complaint procedure can be streamlined as follows:

visit the webpage of the OIPRD

Under the section titled ‘File Complain’ click ‘start here.’

Choose ‘Click here to file a complaint.’

A duly filled complaints form can be submitted directly to the OIPRD by fax or mail (Windsor Police Service, 2017). Alternatively, the accuser can take the form directly to the nearest police service location. According to OPP (2016), any police service can receive complaints related to any police service in the country apart from the First Nations Police Services. Filled and signed forms can be faxed, mailed, or delivered to any Ontario Provincial Police who forwards it to OIPRD (, 2017).

The public complaints system is essential for preventing impunity by the police and improve service delivery. Officers are likely to work dedicatedly to avoid issues with the public when they know that people can raise complaints against them. As such, the system also improves public confidence in the police (Murphy & McKenna, 2014). Moreover, outcomes obtained from the system after some time can help appraise the performance of the police based on issues raised against them over a particular duration.

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July 15, 2023

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