The Role of Press in Promoting Democracy

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The Importance of a Free Press

The press has the obligation of informing the public on various issues to allow transparency and promote democracy. Offering services to the public is a feature that makes the press significant to the society (PAJ,182). Journalists are expected to be neutral and independent in what they give to the public to create trust and enhance the reliability of their information. Despite citizens having faith and trust in the journalist, they are easily manipulated to accomplish agencies interests.

The Impact of Technological Advances

With the current technological advances, it is hard for the government to control what is being aired. Social media makes it impossible for the government to control what gets to people fully. The British government may have interfered with the amendment of the new laws since the government would like to control what goes to the public and what would affect the order in the country. The story of Julian Assange would have influenced the foreign policy of the government as it is stated. It is the work of the press to expose the evil in society and also inform the public about what is happening (PAJ,192). If the right of expression is fully granted without any limitation, it is evident that it would affect the order of the country and also act to hurt some individuals.

Government Regulation and Media Control

It is ironical that the government cannot regulate what the kids get from the media, but it is possible to control what the public gets (PAJ,180). Government and other interested officials are so much concerned with what the press gives out to ensure their interest is catered for. Amendments and bill of rights are written to regulate what media gives to the public (PAJ,185). It is also aimed at making the press responsible for any damage they cause. Unlike those days where the media would use advertisements to get extra income, nowadays they get money through their subscribers (PAJ,91). For this reason, they concentrate much on what people want to hear without necessarily considering the damage it would cause. Although the amendments are made to control what the people get suggestively, it has become hard because through social networks people will share short videos and other items which give firsthand information which is unedited.

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September 11, 2023

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