The Roles of a Healthcare Leader

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Following the interview which I conducted with the Health Care leader at Stanford Hospital in California. I learned a lot in terms of the roles of a healthcare leader. I also learned the effective leadership skills as well as the professional qualifications that a health care leader must possess.

From the interview

I learned the major role of healthcare leader is to ensure smooth operations in the healthcare facility by ensuring that all the healthcare policies are effectively implemented in the hospital (Wikström, & Dellve, 2016). The day to day job of healthcare leaders is to receive reports from the junior workers on the progress of any job in the facility. For one to get a job as a healthcare leader he must at least have a Bachelor degree in any healthcare course, however, master's degree in healthcare administration will be an added advantage to the person due to the competition in the job (Wolf, Bradle, & Greenhouse, 2016).

Stanford Hospital is a decentralized organization with many departments

Each department is under various leaders who are in charge of the operations in the departments. Each leader in the departments has the duty to report to the healthcare leaders thus making the work of the healthcare leaders to be very easier. The type of communication in Stanford is downward communication where they receive an order from the superior leaders or higher rank to the lower rank (Wikström, & Dellve, 2016). For instance, the healthcare receives orders from the ministry of health, and from the Stanford board from directors. After receiving the order, the healthcare leader passed it to the junior staffs who ensures such orders are implemented in the hospital.

From the Interview

I learned the best way to solve a conflict which may arise due to different opinions among healthcare workers in the Hospital. For instance, the use of an open forum where each party is allowed to participate. Through the open forum, workers are able to agree on the best way forward for the organization (Wolf, Bradle, & Greenhouse, 2016). Besides, I learned that Stanford healthcare leader is a visionary leader who has great ambition for Stanford as well as the community around Stanford Hospital. His visionary leadership style has influenced other junior workers who have remained committed to offering their services in the hospital especially after sharing his visions with them.

In conclusion

I appreciate the good job being done by Stanford healthcare leader. Therefore, I am grateful for the opportunity for the interview as I am able to learn much. However, I only recommend to physically supervise the juniors rather than trusting on their reports.



Wikström, E., & Dellve, L. (2016). Contemporary leadership in healthcare organizations: fragmented or concurrent leadership. Journal of health organization and management, 23(4), 411-428.

Wolf, G. A., Bradle, J., & Greenhouse, P. (2016). Investment in the future: a 3-level approach for developing the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. Journal of nursing administration, 36(6), 331-336.

October 05, 2023

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