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The Safety Culture in Bruno Smallgoods Corporation

The beliefs and behaviors that workers within a company share about protection are referred to as the safety culture. Workplace disasters are greatly exacerbated by the company's inability to develop appropriate strategies aimed at protecting the employees. It is the Human Resources department's responsibility to devise appropriate steps to ensure the welfare of its employees. Workers' morale is increased as a result, leading to an increase in efficiency. Any company whose employees are inspired will still see an improvement in its financial success. It is high time that Bruno Smallgoods Corporation came up with suitable measures aimed at enhancing its safety culture. In this report, the focus is directed on some of the strategies that can be implemented in enhancing safety culture within the Bruno Smallgoods.


Measures to Incorporate Safety Culture

There are various measures that the Human Resource Department of the Bruno Smallgoods can put in place in ensuring that safety culture is incorporated into the organization. Firstly, it will have to come up with suitable rules and regulation that focus on ensuring that all the workers' safety is assured. In the quest for the implementation of the rules, the HR will come up with a two-week training program where employees in all the departments will be educated on matters about workplace safety. Upon the completion of the training program, departmental managers will be mandated with the role of ensuring that their staff members abide by the set safety policies (Antonsen 2017, p.76). The Occupational Health and Safety Act has to be fully adopted by the company. Companies such as Foxconn have successfully witnessed an enhancement in their safety through such platforms that provide workers with the necessary education.

Tight Supervision

Another measure that the organization needs to put in place entails tight supervision. The managers in various departments within the company will be mandated with the role of ensuring that they closely supervise their workers in those areas that are considered a safety risk. In the event of any safety concern, the employees will be required to report the matter to the managers (Roughton and Mercurio 2002, p.89). The organizational leadership, on the other hand, will ensure that it comes up with suitable measures aimed at addressing the matters at hand. Apparently, with the close supervision technique, it is evident that a safety culture will be implemented within the company, and this will in return make it easy for the employees to meet the firm's set goals. Trained employees will readily embrace safety culture due to their increased awareness.

Positive Reporting Process

The Human Resource Department will be required to develop and implement a positive reporting process. With the technique, any employee within the organization that reports safety concerns that may end up derailing its objectives will have to be rewarded. It should be noted that a positive safety culture will be easy to implement if workers feel positive reporting safety concerns. The HR, on the other side, will be required to involve all the staff members in decision-making process pertaining to safety (Fitzgerald 2005, pp. 324-326). The employees, for instance, will be required to offer suggestions on some of the strategies that the company can embrace in ensuring that a safety culture is fostered.

Regular Communication and Safety Talks

The organizational leadership needs to occasionally communicate with the workers on matters of safety. A great way to enhance safety communication within the Bruno Smallgoods will entail holding safety talks with the workers on a regular basis. Employees' buy-in will be improved within the company by ensuring that they lead the talks. Safety policies have to be made available to all the workers either electronically or via the social media platform. The staff members will also be required to point out on some of those areas that feel are of safety risk.

Policies for Maintenance and Health Insurance

Finally, it will be necessary for the Human Resources at organization to come up with suitable policies that focus on regular maintenances and health insurance cover within the facility. As a part of the benefits, the workers will be awarded a healthcare and safety plan that will ensure that their safety is assured. Any injuries that take place within the company will have to be fully covered by the health insurance cover (Roughton and Mercurio 2002, pp.56-58). Safety of equipment and facilities within the company will also have to be assured by ensuring that regular maintenance is conducted. The Human Resource Department, in collaboration with finance sector will ensure that this strategy is made a success.


Based on the above information, it is evident that safety culture is a vital component of any organization. Some of these strategies include regular training of the workers on matters pertaining to safety, close supervision of the employees and ensuring that there is safety of equipment and facilities. With the implementation of effective safety measures within the Bruno Smallgoods, it is evident that there will be an enhancement in the productivity of the workers. In the process, the firm will benefit significantly from an increase in financial performance.


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December 08, 2022

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