The Seasons of Autumn

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During the autumn season, nature changes dramatically. The leaves fall off the trees, the crops and the harvest come to an end, and the birds are able to start a new season. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but it also has a reputation for being the shortest, and least profitable, of the seasons.

Autumn is a season of big changes in nature and environment

Unlike spring and summer, autumn is a season that is defined by the duration of a day. This is because the days begin to shorten during autumn. This is caused by the tilt of the Earth's axis as it orbits the sun. This change in length of days is one of the most important factors in determining the seasons.

During autumn, trees produce less chlorophyll, a pigment that gives leaves their green colour. Chlorophyll is sensitive to cold and can stop producing green chlorophyll when it experiences cold temperatures. When chlorophyll stops producing green chlorophyll, the leaves begin to change colour to yellow or red.

It's the season of crops and harvest

During this time of year, farmers pick fruits and vegetables, which includes apples, corn, and winter squash. The harvest is a time of celebration for many farming cultures.

In the United States, autumn is usually associated with the holiday Thanksgiving. This holiday is about gathering with family and friends, remembering what we have and giving thanks.

In fact, the term "autumn" can be traced back to the Latin word autumnus. It is the time of year when the nights are long and the days short. The season also comes with a number of festivals. In many cultures, the autumnal equinox is celebrated in mid-autumn.

It's the season of birds

During the autumn season, many animals and birds migrate to warmer areas. This is to protect themselves from the colder temperatures. Birds are able to travel great distances in one day.

There are different migration patterns for different species. Some species migrate on a yearly basis, while others migrate only during the summer.

The timing of migration is affected by several factors. One of these is the amount of food available. Some birds migrate earlier in drought years. Others, however, are able to continue their migration into October.

The migration of birds also takes place at night. Some birds have to fly nonstop to reach their wintering destinations. The birding festival, which is often planned in conjunction with the peak migration periods, provides a chance to see these birds.

It's associated with Halloween

Among the many things that autumn is associated with is the Halloween holiday. Halloween, of course, is a time honored tradition dating back to the dawn of time, and in the North American continent, it's not uncommon for the observance to take place on the first Monday in September, or even earlier on some islands. As far as Halloween is concerned, it's a big deal in the Canadian hemisphere, and the Caribbean, especially in the Caribbean Islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Martinique. As a matter of fact, it's one of the largest holidays celebrated in Canada.

It's the season that comes after summer and before winter

During autumn, the Earth's axis is tilted slightly in relation to the orbit of the Sun. In the Northern Hemisphere, autumn begins with the autumnal equinox in September, and ends with the winter solstice in December. In the Southern Hemisphere, autumn begins in March and ends with the winter solstice in June.

In the United States, autumn is commonly known as fall. Fall is the season when leaves begin to fall off of trees and plants begin to change color. However, the term "fall" can be used in many different cultures. Some people call autumn the end of summer or the harvest season. Other people describe autumn as a time when new crops are planted, or when animals prepare to migrate to cooler regions.

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