The Struldbrugs

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The Struldbrugs

The Struldbrugs embody a generation that will live on in perpetuity (Swift 53). However, there is a deep aversion to eternity because it reduces one's quality of life. To begin with, after the Struldbrugs reach the age of eighty, they are unable to legitimately own land and must thus spend the remainder of their lives begging (Swift 54). People's body functions begin to decline as they mature, which means they will have to deal with problems for the remainder of their lives. Gulliver also learns that as they age, the Struldbrugs become forgetful, die, and frail (Swift 57). Lastly, the language keeps on evolving meaning that there will be a big gap between the old and the young generation thus leaving a group left out.

Question 2

The Houyhnhnms thought that Gulliver was intellectual and curious to learn about their culture (Swift 661). Gulliver is kind to them this also draws their attention (Swift 67). Gulliver is eager to learn the language because it resonates with the High Dutch which they use back in England.

Question 3

Evolution plays a significant role in that it illustrates the changes that human has gone through to being their present form. Degeneration is the deviation from the original form. Gulliver notes that the Houyhnhnms never degenerate because they are not corrupt and hence get no ill while maintaining their unity. He however criticizes the Yahoos whom he considers to be sinful, greedy and immoral which makes them degenerate over time (Swift 72). Indeed degeneration tiers closely with Gulliver's madness. The explorer seems to despise his race, the Yahoos and instead he prefers the Houyhnhnms whom he finds civilized, well cultured and hospitable (Swift 76).

Work cited

Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's Travels. Irvine: Saddleback Educational Pub, 2010.

May 17, 2023

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