The Use of Eye to Hand Coordination Toy in Preschoolers

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The above toy is ideal for children within the age of three to five years. At this growth stage, the focus is to ensure that a child goes through the right eye to hand coordination process. With the eye to hand coordination, parents and stakeholders concentrate on ensuring that the information that is received through the eyes can be transferred to an action of the hands.  Considerably, vision does not involve the act of seeing only (Bushnell 15). It is important for the infants to understand that the images that they are seeing have some relevance. For instance, in the above image, the child is in a position to arrange the blocks according to a particular formation. What this means is that the child understands that the blocks are supposed to be arranged in a particular format. In this case, the eyes look at the blocks and the hands execute what the eyes decipher about the toy.

Although the toy is vital in the process of connecting the abstract and the concrete, it important for the teachers to look at safety issues when infants are using the toy.  When you look at the toy, it is evident that the infants can place the blocks in the mouth. As a matter of health, it is important to note that some bacteria might be attached on these blocks and as such when the infants place them in the mouth them in the mouth it could result in infections.

To improve the significance of this toy to the infants, the creators should add some sounds. With sounds, the child will be elated when arranging the blocks and this is important in making the infant be interested in the activity (McPake et al., 427).

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