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Water is a ubiquitous and one-of-a-kind substance

Water is a ubiquitous and one-of-a-kind substance that is critical to the survival of many species. It is important to remember that water influences the form and scale of different living creatures, which has an effect on the physical boundaries under which they live. Water, on the other hand, is essential for life because it can be found anywhere, from steaming geysers to ice caps (Fuchs, 2010). There are bacteria that thrive in these environments. The fluid essence of life also helps to support life by allowing cell compounds to be transferred to the external environment. Lastly, water contains its unique chemical configuration which enables the movement of elements into and out of the cells of different species.

Properties of Water

Molecular Structure and Polarity

Water has two O-H bonds connected at an inclination of 104.5 degrees and separated at a length of 0.096 mm (Fuchs, 2010). For this matter, water has strong cohesive bonds which overlapping of electrons hence it has a spherical shape. Regarding the polarity of water, it is electrically neutral, but since the electronegativity of oxygen is higher than that of hydrogen, it has electrical polarization. Therefore, water has a dielectric property which is significant in determining the behavior of inorganic substances within it as it promotes high dissociation.

High Surface Tension

The surface tension of water results from water molecules sticking together provides temperature remains at an ambient level. Important to note is that the water surface acts as an elastic material when a material such as a paper clip is placed on the surface. Therefore, without the surface tension property, it would be impossible for lighter things to float on the water surface. Comparing this to real life occurrences translates to a scenario where particles of dust would not float on water but rather sink which affect the life of the marine species.

On the other hand, water molecules when viewed from the atomic perspective assist the cell membrane to remain moist and prevent it from collapsing. A common term used to refer to this is cytoplasm where there is a jelly-like filament that covers the pores of the cell (Fuchs, 2010). For this reason, the surface tension of the water will protect the cell membrane from pressure. Similarly, surface tension possessed by water assists in blood transport in animals while the concave motion allows plants to suck it up from the ground upwards.

High Heat Conductivity

Water has a relatively low viscosity when compared to other fluids such as methanol on favorable temperatures. The high heat capacity possessed by water is as a result of strong hydrogen bonds. Whenever water absorbs heat, the O-H bonds break, and the water molecules become more mobile (Fuchs, 2010). The specific heat of water is the highest when compared to other liquids which give it the ability to lose or absorb temperature. Moreover, the high conductivity makes water to take a long duration to boil or solidify into ice.

The significance of the high heat conductivity of water is useful to different species as it makes it the most suitable habitat. Therefore, organism manages to exist without wide temperature fluctuations. On the other hand, water forms a significant component of different creatures which allows them to regulate their internal temperatures at a favorable level. Hence, water plays a major role in warm-blooded animals.


Fuchs, E. (2010). Can a Century Old Experiment Reveal Hidden Properties of Water?. Water, 2(3), 381-410.

January 05, 2023

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