The Welsh Pharmacy Application Standards

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Standard design UX-B1: This standard is important for all android applications software. It defines the user interface designs as well as application interaction through the use of customized icons. It enables our application to integrate and function as expected in any smartphone operating on the android platform.

Navigation (UX-N1, UX-N2, UX-N3): This standard enables the application to define certain actions by the user as he or she interacts with his or her phone. For instance, pressing the back button could signify ‘one level back’ or ‘exit the application.’ UX-N1 defines the functions of the back button. , UX-N2 and UX-N3 define other functions of the back button and the access to the home screen respectively.

Notifications (UX-S1, UX-S2): The Welsh Pharmacy application possesses certain functions that need access to the Internet. One of them is the software update. These notifications standards ensure that the user receives information in a structurally similar manner regardless of the type of phone.

Permissions (FN-P1, FN-P2): This standard is vital in any application because it allows the end user to determine which hardware or Kernel features the application can access. It is vital to ensure the application does not breach the privacy of its users (Misra and Dubey 97). Some of the permission requests include access to phone book, camera, or microphone, among others.

Install location (FN-L1): The Welsh Pharmacy application supports installation on both the phone’s internal memory and microSD card. However, the default setting is the former.

Audio (FN-A1): The application needs access to audio only as a system functionality for notifications. Since it is not a primary music software, it does not need any other standards to control audio access.

UI and Graphics (FN-U1, FN-U2, FN-U3): These standards are required to ensure a smooth user experience in the interaction with the application.

Standards that are not essential to the Welsh Pharmacy Application

Media (PS-M1): This application standard is responsible for media playback features. The Welsh Pharmacy Application does not need it, as it is not a primary media-based software.

The application standards above are required to help increase the quality of user experience as well as avoid the breach of privacy. Since it is a medication-based application, the Welsh Pharmacy Application does not require significant media support (Krajci and Cummings 19).

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Krajci, Iggy and Darren Cummings. Android on x86: An Introduction to Optimizing for Intel Architecture. Apress, 2014. Print.

Misra, Anmol and Abhishek Dubey. Android Security: Attacks and Defenses. CRC Press, 2016. Print.

September 04, 2023



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