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138 views 5 pages ~ 1169 words
Why Good People do Bad Things

Thomas Hobbes, an English philosopher, once said that because of their bestial character, people have a tendency to prio...

184 views 5 pages ~ 1335 words
The Locke's philosophy

Locke's philosophy on the state of nature provides more security than Hobbes' conclusions. The discrepancies in conclusi...

257 views 3 pages ~ 766 words
Thomas Hobbes VS John Locke

John Locke and Thomas Hobbes were the most influential political theorists of their day. Both produced extensive philoso...

300 views 4 pages ~ 898 words
Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes

In Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes presents his moral and political philosophy of human nature, or how humans interact with one...

75 views 6 pages ~ 1637 words
An Analysis of Leviathan (chapters 17-31) by Thomas Hobbes and Its Relevance to an Understanding of American Government Today

Unlike other authors, Hobbes departs from the philosophy of contract theorists such as Rousseau and Locke, who firmly ar...

443 views 10 pages ~ 2654 words
Clean Slate Theory or Tabula Rasa

John Locke's idea about a child's mind being a tabula rasa, or a clean slate, has played an important role in development of pedagogical...

78 views 7 pages ~ 1816 words
Are People Inherently Good or Evil

The controversy about whether humans are intrinsically good or bad has raged for a long time, with either side claiming ...

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