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The Connection Between Ethics and the Arts

There is, arguably, a long history of the connection that exists between ethics and the arts. For example, the arts have been seen to affect personal uniqueness, cultures, and relationships between people and their environments. It is undeniable that the arts will have an effect on society's ethical life, as shown by public art and theater. It is heartbreaking, though, that some people have been skeptical of the importance of art in influencing personal ethical perspectives. Furthermore, arts will have an effect on relational ethics in both constructive and negative ways. On the negative side, the composition of bad songs will create a hostile environment. On the other hand, some persons contend that arts do not make any relevance in the outside part of their outlook and hence separated from ethics. Nonetheless, every theory of the association between arts and ethics results to diverse point of views of the modes in which arts offers the augmentation to diverse roles for producers and experiencers of arts.

The Effect of Arts on Ethical Reasoning

Arts can assist or destroy the development of ethical reasoning. Murdoch (3) narrates that the proved philosophical views of moral psychology as unaspiring in relation to Christian theology with its symbolism of goodness as practically impossible.

Arts can accrue the society ethical point of view. According to Kant (2), deontological theory narrated that rightness or the unfairness of deeds does not rely on their effects though on whether they attain the duty. He believed that certain forms of actions were totally forbidden even in scenarios where the action would offer more happiness rather than the alternative. In his philosophy point of view, he suggested that individuals should ask themselves two inquiries in the event they are about to execute an act (3). For example, can I sensibly will that each person act as I suggest to execute? If the answer for this inquiries is a negative one, then as individuals we ought not to execute the action. The second question assess that does my deeds conform to the aims of man at the expense of applying them for my interests? Moreover, in the event that the answer is still a negative one, we ought not to delegate the task (Kant 3).

Work Cited

Kant, Immanuel, and C. M. K. Mary Gregor. "Kant: Groundwork of the metaphysics of morals (Cambridge University 1997.

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November 03, 2022

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