Total quality management (TQM)

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Total Quality Management

Total quality management is a collection of approaches with a strong focus on the client and on providing excellent service. Due to its incredible advantages, total quality management has become a policy that many businesses throughout the world have adopted. As a result, many businesses are turning to it instead of the conventional techniques.

The Importance and Challenges of TQM

The highest degree of quality management, known as total quality management (TQM), is concerned with the management of the quality principle in many business contexts, including those of suppliers and consumers. Despite that there are so many advantages with the application of TQM in various firms, it happens that this policy is also failing in different organizations It is important for firms to apply this policy while producing their goods and services, though it is also important to know that there are risks and reasons which can lead to the total failing. So it is important to analyze the possible reasons as to why this policy might not be successful in some firms.

Possible Reasons for TQM Failure

Some of the things that might make this policy unsuccessful include; poor management leadership: this is the inability of the top managers to motivate self-assurance and also hold up the managerial goals that are needed. This is when the managerial team is not able to establish practice and also lead the long-term vision for the firm which ought to be customer-oriented.

There is also low employee participation whereby the workers are involved in any decision-making such that they feel not being part of the firm. This makes them oppose most of the decisions that the management comes up with.

The last one is poor customer service focus whereby the customer who is the main determiner of quality is focused on narrowly. These are some of the problems that may make the TQM application unsuccessful.

March 02, 2023

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