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Sparks Ville's Economic Dilemma

Sparks Ville is currently experiencing a global recession known as a dilemma. The news of a local business relocating to South Korea has caused a major upheaval in the town's economic development. Ideally, the town's inhabitants have lost their livelihood. Furthermore, the situation has created a significant demand void. Members of the local population are desperate for business opportunities in order to go about their everyday lives. As a result, there is an urgent need to bridge the divide and resume normal economic activity. This way, the only three choices presented in the town include an oil refinery, a car or automobile factory, and furniture firm.

Environmental Pollution Impact of the Choices

Because of this situation, we need to understand the implications of the final choice for the town. An automobile or car factory will present numerous challenges of waste management. This industry uses and produces a lot of heavy metals in the chain. When a heavy is washed downstream into the rivers following rainfall, it has a great repercussion on human and animal health. Similarly, the industry will produce a lot of smoke that can sabotage the quality of air and lead to climate change of long period. Moreover, it is very difficult to manage old cars as waste in society. On the other hand, it will bring huge employment opportunities and enhance the transportation segment of the economy.

Oil refinery produces a large amount of oil wastes that also contribute to heavy metals in both water, land, and air. Thus, its impact on the health of those living around the regions includes long-term disabilities and complications. Notably, the raw materials in the oil ore involve numerous metals and heavy metal components that can affect the level of water quality. The smoke particles produced in the manufacturing processes also present pollution threat to the air and the plants around the location. Interestingly, a furniture factory will use the readily available raw materials to produce their products. The level of indoor air pollution in such factory ranges from simple dust to paint components. It affects the quality of indoor air and may result in cardiovascular conditions in the factories. However, most of the waste products in this industry are biodegradable. Biodegradability means that the component can decompose. A decomposing by-product can be used for soil improvements in other sectors of the economy.

Impacts of Pollution on Health

Numerous concerns help to explain the reason as to why addressing environmental pollution is very crucial in this case. First, the long-term of pollution is very costly to society. It can destroy the normal biodiversity within our ecosystems. Such impacts may include the death of animals as well as the destruction of plants that eventually trickle down the human economic and health effects. Air pollution, for instance, results in numerous health-related conditions among people and the animals as well. One of the major concerns of air pollution includes the ozone depletion that is currently a global debate. Ozone depletion is a major in climate change and desertification in the world today. Hence, both the car and the oil refinery will present a higher threat to the environment as compared to the furniture industry. The furniture factory will not only promote the environmentally friendly economy but also enhance the protection of the environment through manageable waste products that can be reused in the ecosystem. It will also encourage the planting of trees in the regions near the town.

November 03, 2022



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