Traditions and Encounters

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The book Traditions and Encounters 6th Edition

The book Traditions and Encounters 6th Edition provided invaluable insights into how some of the world civilizations such as India and China have transformed. The author used simple language and fast-paced narration that makes for an interesting read. He traced the civilizations for many ages and showed how they have changed for the better.

Social Revolutions in China

For instance, I was intrigued by the fact that there were social revolutions in China to lobby for the removal of the caste system. Specifically, I was intrigued by the fact that the Chinese had outdated practices, such as the patriarchal head that conducted family ceremonies and honored the ancestors. It is evident that the society accorded authority to the old members of the community. They also headed the households.

Practices in India

On the other hand, the peoples of India had various practices, such as sacrificial cults. However, such practices would later be abolished as members protested and retreated to the forests.

Reflections on Worship and Patriarchal System

I found the fact that the Indians and the Chinese worshipped human beings and gods quite disturbing. While I do not judge anybody's religion, I found that aspect quite a challenge. Besides, I was disturbed by the fact that both societies looked down upon women. They endorsed a patriarchal system where males headed the families and made important decisions. I reckon that times have changed and today men should have equal rights just as the women.

Use of Sources

The book relied on secondary sources. Perhaps for credibility, the author should have included more primary sources such as artifacts, writings, and images that have been preserved.

Summary and Suggestions

In summary, the book provided both intriguing and loose-ended facts that in my view needed further revision and articulation.

November 13, 2023

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