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The Conflict Between the United States and North Korea

The US and the international community have been attempting to negotiate a halt to North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, as well as the North Korean drive to export ballistic missile technologies. The United States' and the international community's efforts and tactics have been marred by crises, impasse, and unclear progress toward denuclearization, with North Korea serving as the primary challenge to the global nuclear nonproliferation regime (Fehrenbach). Currently, the United States, as a major nation with significant political clout, is attempting to prevent North Korea from continuing to develop and test nuclear weapons. President Donald Trump has been vocal in his criticism of Kim Jung-continued Un's development of nuclear weapons. The two political leaders have become big rivals since they both want to prove to the world that they are powerful and can have significant influence to the world. Kim Jung-Un is not using the right strategy to portray his political powers because according to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) nations which signed the agreement should not at any secretly develop nuclear weapons. Later in 2003 North Korea withdrew from NPT and once again began operating its nuclear facilities. Since 2003 North Korea withdrew from the NPT, the country has been developing and launching a series of missiles, which some are successful and some fail (Bruce). Thus the conflict between the United States and North Korea started way in the 20th century, and since then it has never stopped, and it does not seem to stop soon.

Threats and Tension Escalate

In 2017, there North Korea has launched several missiles and one of the dangerous action which was discovered on August 8, 2017 is that North Korea had produced miniaturized warheads for ballistic missile delivery, including for ICBMs (Fifield). Due to the report about the production of miniaturized warheads and ICBMs, President Donald Trump said that "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States.... They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen." Donald Trump's remarks showed that he and his government is ready to handle the threats that are being made by Kim Jung-un against United States. Bitter remarks and threats between Trump and Kim Jung-un has been trending in international politics news since the two are strategizing in approaches that can prove powers over the world.

The Historical Background of the Conflict

The relationship between the United States and North Korea can be traced back to between 1950 and 1953. The war broke out in 1950 when Kim II-Sung's military crossed the 38th parallel and invaded the south. Immediately after the south was invaded, United States President Truman said: "If we let Korea down the Soviet will keep right on going and swallow up one [place] after another" (Bruce). The United States forces led United Nations coalition to provide support to South Korea in the battle against the communist North, supported by the Soviet Union and China. Millions of lives were lost due to the war, and North Korea painted the battle as the armed uprising against the imperialist threat of the United States. Since the ancient, the end of the ancient war, the United States and North Korea have been having a cold war, and thus Kim Jung-un is keeping the past animosity through the continuous missile programme which is significantly used to threaten the United States and the entire world (Igor).

Recent Developments and the Call for Diplomatic Dialogue

Recently United States military engaged in a largest military drill that is aimed at North Korea. The drill started after the recent test-launch of the Intercontinental ballistic missile was the most serious test-lunch ever done by North Korea, and it created tension all over the world because such missile can reach anywhere in the world. The entire world is asking the United States and international Community to find a better technique of approaching Kim Jung-un and North Korea as a nation to stop its missile development programmes because it can lead to massive destruction of properties and loss of many lives if and when North Korea will decide to use it in fighting the United States (Fifield). Testing of the missiles is basically a one way of broadcasting to the world about how North Korea has political powers over the entire world.

The Importance of Resolving the Conflict

In my personal opinion, I believe North Korea and the United States are becoming less considerate to the interests of the entire world because Kim Jung-un understands very well what could be the consequences of using an Intercontinental ballistic missile to fight a nation like the United States. President Donald Trump has been using bitter threatening remarks to warn North Korea, but all the remarks have never bear any better results because Kim Jung-un is counter-reacting to the remarks made by United States' president by developing more sophisticated missiles. Based on my analysis North Korea have been test-launching missiles when special occasions are in the United States; for example, launching happened when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was visiting United States President Donald Trump, and the test-launch of the ICBM was done on July 4, 2017, when the United States was celebrating its independence day (Fifield). Therefore, Donald Trump should understand that North Korea weapons are primarily meant to threaten the U.S as a way of reducing its significance as a superpower nation. Due to the threats that the United States has been receiving from North Korea, it is the time for the two nations to consider diplomatic dialogue as a way for saving the entire world against the adverse impact of nuclear weapons that may be used if the two nations will engage in war.

The Importance of Resolution for Global Stability

In conclusion, the political influence of the United States can be affected if it will fail to stop North Korea from developing more nuclear weapons. The battle between the two nations started way back in the 1950s, but it is high time to be stopped to save the entire world against economic sabotage that can be caused by the destruction of properties by the missiles among other weapons that will be used by the military. The international economy depends on the political stability, and if the war between the U.S and North Korea will not stop soon, it is likely that the international economy will keep on being unstable. International bodies who are concern about the unity among the nations should come out and unite the two nations for the interest of the entire world.

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