Use of Ethos

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Ethos in an Essay

Ethos is used in an essay to evoke the author's integrity and legitimacy in order to discuss and lift the concept of absolute ideals in them, allowing them to address an idea in the article. Using this rhetorical technique, the author may establish authority and experience on a given subject. In the essay "The Ways of Meeting Oppression," the speaker employs the ethos rhetorical component to increase his prestige and influence by, for example, referring to other well-known writers.

Shakespeare's Contribution

In the post, there is an example: "As Shakespeare pointed out, rather than flee to another they are unaware of." The use of Shakespeare in this part of the article raises the characters of the idea of the sense of credibility and authority of the author of the intended message that the reasoning on the part of the group that has been destined and how they respond to the idea of being oppressed.

Target Audience and Skeptics

The audience targeted in this section of the skeptics in the reader population. The primary audience of the article being individuals in the society who are being oppressed also includes skeptics in perspective addressed by Martin Luther on the methods of addressing oppression. By quoting Shakespeare, the author can raise the idea of his credibility in the writing which focusses on reaching the skeptic individuals in the audience. The use of the rhetoric is aimed at reaching these particle people and convince them of the existence of ways of addressing oppression they face each day in the most reproachable ways that would result in them coming out unoppressed at the end of the day which is what the oppressed want in their lives, to feel free of oppression. Using the quote, therefore, introduces the reader to the credibility of the concepts raised by the writer on the idea.

October 20, 2022

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