Vanity, thy name is Metrosexual

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Women long to settle for strong men who portray masculinity in all their undertakings. However, the increasing population of metrosexuals has left many young women intimidated due to the stiff competition leading to confusion when it comes to gender definition. A quick read of the article, “Vanity, thy Name is Metrosexual” by Alexa Hackbarth in the Washington Post brings a clear picture of the current trend. I agree with the author as she makes a clear argument that men seem to have a lost course. Her points are well articulated especially because she uses her daily life experiences to accredit the opinions presented.

Alexa: A Passionate Freelance Writer

One notable quality of Alexa is passion in her work. As a freelance writer for the Washington Post, the author has all the qualities required to document a reasonable argument. Such is also evidenced when the reader notices that she has done her research prior to writing the article. Alexa is an outgoing person who has dated a dozen men for the last eight months. The experience she got with men laid a foundation for making a reasonable conclusion that men in Washington have become extreme. Although people portray themselves through personal appearance and financial success, the author believes that the modern men go about it in an unbefitting manner. Clearly, these men have distanced themselves from the traditional perception of a man. The satisfaction gained from building cabinets and knowing how to fix a water heater no longer appeals to them (359). As a result, the modern woman does not seem attracted to a man who is too sensitive, a man who would not risk his life to save her, or one who seems to care more about his hairstyle and appearance.

The Changing Perception of Men

It is noteworthy how the author makes a comparison of her past life in a small Western ranching town with her modern life in the city. According to Alexa, the traditional man has evolved drastically to adopting atypical behavioral practices. Alexa has had difficulties differentiating metrosexual from gay men. Further, she proves that even the gay can no longer tell the homosexuals from the straight men (357). The metrosexuals have blurred the line that existed between the two different kinds of men. As a result, the modern man moves further from what an ordinary woman could desire. For instance, Alexa has not been able to settle down with any of the men she has been dating. She is looking for something more, the kind which existed while she was growing up. She says that men during her childhood days used to “…wrangle cattle before sitting down for a breakfast of bacon and eggs” (357). They prefer sweating and doing the heavy duties around the homestead. The author wonders that probably men have moved to the city for a fortune that they cannot find by doing the dirty and hard work in the countryside.

An Analysis of Modern Men

While the author delves into the changed lifestyle of men in the city, she does not seem to be judgemental. Instead, she is more concerned and decides to dig up the reasons behind these outcomes. This particular quality makes Alexa an impeccable writer who more to detailing the lives of the metrosexuals, she gives the audience the source of the changed lifestyle. As it turns out, men are not to be blamed entirely. When Alexa interacts with her dates, she inquires more about their changed behavior. They tell her that the sole reason is “to attract women” (358). The modern woman has had a changed mentality of a desirable man. As opposed to Alexa who grew up in a traditional set-up, city women are different. They prefer a man who will be a gossip mate, shopping mate, and who will help them dress up when attending an event. What is more, they would rather have a man who would cook than fixing broken electronics. What Alexa tries to put across is that the society has changed. It all narrows down to modern parenting and civilization. Today, the society has a role to play in promoting the metrosexual culture. From the advertisement made on TVs, newspapers and social media, the boy child seems to lack a role model who would mentor them on toughness.


I believe that Alexa makes a reasonable argument throughout her text. I particularly commend how she makes a comparison of the past and present to show the changes that have occurred in the society. What is more, she uses her own encounter to validate the information given. Today, men have become metrosexuals adopting women-like behaviors that arouse much confusion among different people in the society. While the article tends to bring the issues as a man’s problem, every individual has a role to play. The fact that the society has become comfortable around such men makes it difficult to restore the traditional man who valued hard work and toughness. Nevertheless, the author did an exemplary work by passing the message in a respectful manner void of offenses and free from prejudice.

Work Cited

Hackbarth, Alexa. "Vanity, Thy Name is Metrosexual." Contemporary Arguments. n.d. 356-359.

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August 21, 2023

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