Weber, Max. Power, Domination and Types of Authority. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1978. Print.

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The article focuses on power, dominance, and many sorts of authority that exist in the social environment in which humans live. Sociologically, power, dominance, and authority determine an individual's willingness to act and dominate other systems in the social environment.

What is the major point or question that this author is attempting to answer?

The author of the article concentrates on answering the issue, what is the influence of domination and power on the authority, which is demonstrated within the social environment.What is the author's main argument?    The author makes a claim that there are different types of authority, which are exhibited in the social environment in accordance to the domination and power potential of a person. As such, there is a direct link between domination, power, and authority types.

What important concepts and theories are presented? A very important concept, which is presented, is the bureaucratic nature of power and authority in society. There is also a focus on charisma, which is expressed in different forms among the people in power and have authority in society. Sociological theory of how people understand power and authority is effectively discussed and illustrated by the author of this article. This is because the author analysis how power and authority is manifested in society, as well as the impact of the same within the social environment where people exist.

What relevance does this text have to the other readings for the week, or themes presented in this course? The text depicts that social structures are established through power and authority. It is this power and domination, which shapes the existence of individuals in society.

Does the author discuss an explicit methodology to answer their questions? If so, what? The author has not discussed any explicit methodology, which is used in answering the question of concern in this article.

Does the author effectively convey their argument? What are the weaknesses of the article/chapter? What are its strengths? The author has effectively conveyed the argument by providing adequate support to the different statements and viewpoints presented. However, the author has the weakness of not using any statistical data or explicit methodology to make claims and present the argument. Nevertheless, the author has embraced an effective approach of explaining all the details of the research process in successful and effective manner.

Identify 2 questions for a class discussion Can we have power and lack domination in the social environment?

Must the society be governed and have a form of authority for individuals to enjoy social services, as well as have a governing structure?

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