Welcome to the New World comic strip

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Welcome to the New World Comic Strip

The Welcome to the New World comic strip was created and published by Jake Halpern and Michael Sloan in an effort to describe the woes and challenges faced by refugees in the United States of America following the election of Donald Trump as President. The comic strip consolidates Syrian immigrants and residents of America with the addition of police officers to represent the sign of government. Sloan and Halpern use the affirmation factor of the authorities and the insistence and offensive language of the resident of the United States, as well as the innocence of immigrants, to prove their alienation in the face of the world. The authors use a variety of techniques to depict the message of the comic strip. One is the adoption of speech bubbles which have been used to express the language of the affected parties, the police, and the citizens (Halpern and Sloan). The writers also incorporate several characters as a technique of ensuring that there is the establishment of obstacles as well as overcoming them (Halpern and Sloan). The strip further uses a developing strategy for the comic as an element of ensuring that the reader is notified of what is happening besides what is indicated in the piece.

The Ideologies in Progress

Sloan and Halpern make their point in the comic by presenting all the involved parties in the established conflict and introducing the reason behind the tag of war (Halpern and Sloan). The authors present the ideologies in progress by depicting the fears already established in the society as Ammar receives a call terming him as a Muslim and using of immoral language.

Usage of Colors

The comic strip has a diverse usage of black, white, and blue colors throughout it. The faces of Ammar and his family are shaded white which in essence is a representation of the likeness of the immigrants to the society members (Halpern and Sloan). The blue color brings the liveliness of the strip as well as the representation of how real the case scenario is.

Language Expression

The comic strip uses an extensive language expression ranging from the innocent speech by the children; authority related terminology, as well as the vulgar one, is used by the callers. This person uses insulting words to the family of Ammar while constantly referring to them as "Muslims" which can be interpreted that the caller is against their community as well as Syrian citizens (Halpern and Sloan). The innocent voice of the wife to Ammar and the children indicates how loyal the family is to amerce and the dedication to follow the law and avoid evil doings. The police language can be interpreted as an assurance vehicle for the household.

Figurative Language and Elements

Figurative language and elements have been used widely in the comic strip and can be read in a variety of ways (Halpern and Sloan). The component of irony is used as the police officers assure the family safety and response within minutes in case they are confronted again. One of Ammar's children, however, depicts that the police always arrive late and they are prone to reach out to their help when they are already killed, and the perpetrators have already gone (Halpern and Sloan). Ammar on approaching the police also employs repetitions when he states "we don't" which aims to emphasize the innocence of the family despite the threats they are faced with.


In conclusion, the Welcome to the New World comic strip employs different techniques to communicate the message to the reader and through the use of various figures of speech and color combinations; the isolation and threats being faced by Syrian immigrants to the United States are well depicted.

Works Cited

Halpern, Jake and Sloan Michael. "A caller Threatens to Kill Ammar's Family." 26 January 2017. The New York Times. Web. 14 June 2017. .

October 13, 2022
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