What happens to Connie at the end of the story?

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About the Story

About every story has a close connection between the author and the protagonists. Similarly, readers are motivated to think in a certain way about the plot, particularly when the end result is not clearly highlighted. In this novel, Connie, who is alone at home, is visited by two boys. It is obvious from the discussion, engagement, and activities that these young men are up to no good. When the author depicts the characters' communication and particular events, as well as their emotions, the reader cannot help but realize that Connie is in extreme danger. As such, the ending of this story is quite open and in a way inconclusive, eliciting various discussions and contention as to what exactly happened to the girl.

Evidence of Connie's Fate

Basing on the interchange between Connie and Arnold, evidence points to the possibility of a fatal ending for the girl. First and foremost, the antagonist Arnold Friend seems to know too much about Connie and her family coupled with the threats concerning harming the other members, burning the house to get her to come out and so on indicate the intention of causing harm. However, nothing explains Connie’s ending better than two additional elements in the story. First is when the girl reflects on the possibility of not sleeping in her bed again to show that she understood the graveness of imminent danger (Oates 13). The second aspect is Arnold’s mention of the death of a neighbor, seemingly suggests that he is the perpetrator and it further convinces the reader about the looming adversity Connie is about to face. Concerning all these pieces of evidence it is possible to conclude that at the end of the story, Connie is kidnapped by Arnold. The possibility of rape is accentuated by sexual comments made by Arnold regarding showing her love (Oates 14). In the worst case scenario, Connie is murdered.

Work Cited

Oates, Joyce Carol. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been. Rutgers University Press, 1966.

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