What Is an Eraser?

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An eraser is a piece of stationery that is used to erase marks from skin and paper. Erasers are made of rubbery material and come in many shapes and sizes. They are often found on the end of pencils. They are very useful for erasing graphite and other types of pencil marks.

Rubber is made from rubber trees

The main raw material used in an eraser is rubber, which is obtained from the latex of rubber trees. However, synthetic rubber is available in an assortment of different forms. These include Ethylbenzene, which is derived from petroleum, and butanes. All three of these compounds require energy to extract, transport, and process.

The process of creating synthetic rubber uses a high amount of thermal energy. First, oil is heated into a gas. This gas is then combined with natural gas. The gas contains chemical monomers, which are then combined to create synthetic rubber. Afterwards, sulfur is added to the mixture.

Rubber trees produce latex, which is a sticky, white substance. The material is extremely brittle when it is cold, but is quite sticky when it is warm. However, rubber can be processed into a more versatile material by using a process called mastication. During this process, mechanical rollers or presses chew up the raw material. This makes the material softer. It can also be treated with chemicals to improve its properties.

It is used to remove graphite

A pencil eraser is a useful tool for removing graphite marks on paper. Its design is similar to that of a pencil and has a soft, sticky surface that picks up the graphite particles. These erasers are very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Graphite erasers come in various shapes, but the primary type is a kneaded eraser. This type picks up the graphite without damaging the paper and can even be shaped into a point to lift small highlights. There are several manufacturers of kneaded erasers, but Prismacolor is a preferred brand. These erasers can be cleaned by stretching and folding them until they are light grey.

There are several types of graphite erasers, each of which has its own characteristics. Most are made from soft, kneaded rubber and are used to erase graphite from paper. They are generally the most gentle and safest option for erasing graphite, but they can also be used to erase stains.

It is non-abrasive

A non-abrasive eraser is one of the best tools for erasing a lot of different types of marks on paper. It has a special non-abrasive surface that can be easily erased with light pressure. It comes in a protective wrapper that is designed to prevent contamination.

It is ideal for large-area erasing and is latex-free. Using a high-quality latex-free eraser can help you erase a lot of lead quickly and effectively without tearing the paper. This type of eraser is great for those who need a large eraser to erase a lot of lead.

It is softer than rubber

A classic pencil eraser is made of natural rubber, but today's erasers are made of synthetic rubber. They also contain abrasives to help remove biro ink. They also tend to feel powdery, which some people find uncomfortable. Despite this, they are both equally effective at erasing pencil marks.

A rubber eraser has sharp corners for fine control. It is not suitable for removing charcoal. Charcoal is a lubricant. While plastic erasers can be used to remove charcoal, they have poor performance. Charcoal tends to be softer than rubber, and plastic erasers often slip on the surface. In addition, plastic erasers don't remove heavy coloured pencil. For this reason, a two-step process is recommended.

A classic rubber eraser is a pink eraser that you can buy for pencils. They come in various shapes and are commonly sold as pink erasers. Their texture is firm, but softer than plastic or vinyl. They are best for erasing pencil lines, but they can become saturated with graphite and smear your paper. In contrast, gum erasers are soft and translucent. They tend to crumble, but they're good for erasing paper.

It is rigid

Erasers are made of two main parts: an eraser holder and a coiled eraser tip. The eraser holder is made from a rigid tubular body, while the eraser tip is made from a cylindrical portion that fits over it. The eraser tip is held against the holder by friction.

The eraser handle is attached to the backing plate 20 by a "C" shaped back section that reaches the upper horizontal section 24 and lower horizontal section 25. The central section 23 is narrower than the lower horizontal section, and the inside vertical dimension between the two sections corresponds to the thickness of the eraser backing plate 12. The lower horizontal section 25 tapers inwardly and has a relatively sharp lower edge that engages the notch 22.

Some erasers are detachable, while others have a rigid backing plate. Erasers with removable handles have a flat "C"-shaped strap that engages the opposite edges of the eraser's rigid backing plate. This strap provides a handle for controlling the eraser during use.

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