What is Employee Assessment?

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Managers unable to consider prejudice when evaluating employees

Managers are unable to consider questions of prejudice when evaluating an employee's ability at work. Grading, on the other hand, can be performed depending on the input and output that the worker has in the business. In such cases, the employee will have conflicting feelings on the decision reached by the supervisors. In the long term, the behavior will cause distrust when a certain individual will find out points of racism from the leaders, resulting in attempts to leave and a poor influence of the events taking place at the plant. According to the assessment program provided, there are limited instances of discrimination. However, particular activities have to be covered with the intentions of meeting certain goals at the workstation. Therefore, failure to comply with these parameters will offer poor marks to the person assessed as compared to the part that has offered an increased level of input to the duties assigned. Nevertheless, the candidate hardly expresses valid concerns about discrimination as clear measures have been elaborated on the protocol that will be used in conducting an assessment. Instances that may lead to harsh conditions for the candidate ignite issues of discrimination based on the result that is being provided.

Unethical interpretation of words impacting employment chances

For example, unethical interpretation of words will have a direct impact on the chances of an individual to secure employment. According to the assessment provided, the candidate had to lay focus on the issues of ethical presentation on a global perspective. We have to offer a description of certain terminologies based on a unilateral understanding as publics do not share the culture. According to interpretation by Beyene (2012), language is considered as a skill that will help an individual attain a job quicker as compared to a person with little knowledge of other languages. Having the ability to express ourselves in more than one language will reduce the chances of stating that acts of discrimination have been applied during the job seeking process.

Discrimination concerns in the assessment process

Nevertheless, to a lesser extent, discrimination concerns are visible in the assessment as an issue of inequality is visible in the process. A legit process should then be applied in the process to help the maintenance of moral speech during the presentation. However, wrong interpretation of a particular word among the provided would show signs of disrespect to a particular tribe.

EEOC Regulations

EEOC Regulations

Disability Act and violation in the hiring process

Disability is a factor that should be considered by any individual hiring in a company as an aspect of violation will lead to filling a lawsuit. According to the assessment process, the Disability Act is likely to be violated by the hiring company. There is a need to comprehend the context of disability. According to American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (2010), disability is interpreted as a condition that limits an individual from executing certain activities. In such an instance, if the candidate fails to make the needed expressions of these words, it can then be classified as a violation of the Disability Act.

Removal of weighing section and unequal employment opportunities

Secondly, the concept of removing the weighing section will create mixed reactions from the candidates. It will also affect the law of equal employment with applicants having little knowledge of the scores that have been attained after the interview. In such an instance, the hiring company may then apply biased measures that will see selected persons have the job even when they have failed the interview. The failure to make considerations on equality will lead to unequal opportunities of employment as a selected group will then be considered privileged to their colleagues. It is illegal to discriminate any worker on any basis as it will lead to an aspect of filing a lawsuit to the person that has executed the act of discrimination. Such guidelines are further protected by the laws being enforced by the EEOC.

Evaluation of the Assessment

Evaluation of the Assessment

Consideration of ethnic background and language skills in assessments

An individual’s ethnic background could be put into consideration with the objective of having an understanding of the particular words based on their origin. The management will then have an alteration on the nest ways that the phrase could be used while at the workstation. The implementation of this factor will create the need to have specific wordings that will be used by the workers while at the workstation. Similarly, the employees will have reduced levels of dissatisfaction from fellow workers that may use wordings that are inductive to another due to the factors of ethnicity and race. Additionally, the use of a single model of communication will help analyze the documents that are being presented by these candidates. It will also assist in the process of analyzing the level of presentation that a candidate has during an interview.

Offering results and transparency to candidates

Candidates could then be offered results of their analysis so as they can tell their fate with regards to the activity that has been conducted. It will then be interpreted as a source of transparency in the process, educating an individual on what scores they have attained from the process. The score card will also help in internalizing the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in comparison to their colleagues as per the exercise. Additionally, the candidate will then figure out the changes that have to be made if a similar activity is offered to them at any workstation.

Providing guidance and prior research for candidates

From a personal perspective, the candidates would then be provided with the right pronunciations of these words being used in the documents. A candidate will then have a chance to offer the right interpretation of the word if they have ever encountered an individual using these terms. In addition, the candidate will also have the ideal way that they can use such words in a sentence so as to offer the actual message to the program administrator. Additionally, the candidates should be given the document to read before providing the presentation to the program administrator. Having prior research will help in compiling desired data that can be presented to a panel during the interview process. The candidate will then have the right expression that will be given to the program manager during the presentation. It will then offer a guideline on what candidate suites to take the job. The program administrator will also have an ideal understanding of a particular candidate that has the capability to do thorough research before appearing on the panel for any presentations.


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December 28, 2022


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