What You Should Know About Doctor Faustus

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Throughout the history of the English language, Doctor Faustus is one of the most popular novels. It is a well-known Elizabethan tragedy that was written by Christopher Marlowe, who based it on German stories. Whether you are looking to read the story or watch a play, here are some things to consider about the book.

Early performances

During the seventeenth century, a few early performances of Doctor Faustus were reported. One was by William Prynne, who reported a "visibly apparition of the devil." Other performances took place at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, the oldest surviving theatre in England. The early performances were reported to be disturbing.

Several mid-twentieth century textual critics suppressed the subversive qualities of the play. The lack of moralistic authorial condemnation made it difficult to judge the protagonist. The play's language also produced disgust and a feeling of vertigo. The rounded vowels of Latin stood out in the candlelight, and elicited a feeling of spine-chilling excitement.

The play's depiction of Helen of Troy is a reversal of Marlowe's homiletic orientation of the principal source. Helen is depicted as a demolisher of masculine power.

Morality play

Traditionally, a morality play involves a hero who falls into sin and is redeemed. Its structure is usually allegorical, with the hero representing humanity as a whole and the forces of good and evil personifying virtues and vices. The moral lesson conveyed usually has to do with Christianity and the doctrines of the Bible.

The morality play began to become popular in Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. Its aim was to provide Christian diehards with a guide to living. It also aimed to educate the general public by using farcical material.

Morality plays were often structured in such a way that the hero is led into temptation by the good forces and then redeemed by God. The final battle between the good forces and the evil forces is often depicted as the play's finale.

Ethical issues

Despite its popularity, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus is a play that has long puzzled audiences. Christopher Marlowe's play explores the conflict between the spiritual and temporal, between restraint and liberation, and between power and ethics. The play is a parody of religious skepticism and extreme Puritan criticism of the Roman Catholic Church.

One of the first plays published in the English language, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus presents a morality play that is also a morality play. Unlike in most morality plays, the central character, Faustus, does not make a decision based on what others expect of him. Instead, his decision is based on his own misguided idea of good. He mistakenly believes that the Old Testament God of justice is equal to the New Testament God of mercy.

Conjuring the devil

During the Renaissance, an intellectual named Faust began conjuring demons to get the magical powers he needed. He was drawn to the dark arts because he wanted to explore the supernatural world. He envisioned himself becoming a great physician or lawyer. He was also fascinated by the biblical story of Adam and Eve. But his ambitions were short-lived.

One dark night, Faust conjures the demon Mephistophilis. Mephistophilis answers Faust's evasive question, stating that he would only serve the doctor for a certain number of years. But when the number of years is reached, Lucifer will claim the demon. So Mephistophilis declines the request for a wife.

Faust then conjures Helen of Troy, a woman from ancient Greece, for a group of students. He also asks Mephistopheles to return as an old Franciscan friar and provide him with knowledge.


Despite its many shortcomings, there is much to admire about Doctor Faustus. It has an intriguing plotline, an interesting cast of characters, and some stunning visuals. But there are also some rather clunky characters that bog down the story, and a few characters that are simply too one-dimensional to make a whole play worthwhile.

In the play, there is a brief climax when Henry learns that his father has been killed. He then sets off to avenge his father's death, which reaffirms his devotion to his wife Constance and the Resistance fighters. But as far as character characterization goes, Faust is a bit of a let down. His lack of depth in character is matched by his lack of depth in performance.

There are also many lesser known characters, such as the smarmy Mephistopheles, who serves as a foil to Faust. In addition, there are a number of eminently good villains, such as Henry's mother, who fears that her son will be blamed for the murder of her daughter Denise. And in terms of the characters themselves, there is a revolving cast of characters to choose from, including a single actor playing both Faust and Elaine.

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