what you think Dickinson means when she writes

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Dickinson is referring to the fact that she has given up her worldly belongings. As a result, she anticipates both the death and the discovery of the same. This scene is both sweet and sad. She has given up all that is unwanted on the planet. However, there is a portion of her destiny that must be left behind on Earth.

Explain what you think Dickinson means when she ends the poem:

And then the Windows failed - and then

I could not see to see -

This is a clear indication that the woman died. As such, she did not have a chance of reaching the heaven because there was no light to enable her to see. Thus, her eyes closed such that she could not establish any contact with people who have not died. _x0093_Could not see to see_x0094_ depicts an isolation feeling, which is coupled by the sense of failure and change. It is such a haunting strategy of talking on issues of death.

What do you think a fly is doing in this poem?

The fly is suggesting the realities of death; decay and smell. As such, the woman has a vision of death where there is no immortality or eternity for all people. This fly could also be depicting the devil that appears after a person dies. This is the Beelzebub who is the lord of Flies. His flies tend to block the way of the woman to the heaven gates when the poem indicates that the stumbling buzz appears between the light and the woman. Thus, the fly takes the central image of the poem in illustrating the vision of the woman on death.

July 19, 2022

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