Who the US president when the Federal Reserve was created?

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Woodrow Wilson was the American president at the time the Federal Reserve Bank was formed (FRB). The decision was made following the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. (Kennedy 106).

What provision to the United States Constitution granted women the freedom to vote, and when did it occur?

The US Constitution's 19th Amendment granted women the freedom to vote. The ratification followed in 1920, enabling what became known as women's suffrage (Connor, and Christopher 444).

What is the sense of the phrase "boycott"?

Captain Charles Boycott, an Irish land agent, invented the phrase boycott. He was subjected to social isolation by the Irish Land League in 1880s (Bricklayers and Masons' International Union of America 124).

Who coined the term 'pandemonium', and in what famous literary work

John Milton coined the word 'pandemonium'. He used two Greek words namely pan_x0094_ (all) and _x0093_daimôn_x0094_ (spirit). He was a great British writer (Detweiler, David, and Heidi 142).

5. Who won the Academy Award for best actor in 1982, and for what film?_x000b_Henry Fonda was the winner for the category of the best actor award in the year 1982 during the Academy Award. The actor had featured in movie _x0091_On Golden Pond_x0092_ (Kidder and Noah 123).

6. What famous twentieth century American author wrote The Old Man and the Sea? _x000b_Ernest Hemingway wrote the novel _x0093_The Old Man and the Sea_x0094_ in 1951. Published in 1952, the novel features important information about the people of Cuba (Rama 3).

7. What is the name of the nearest major galaxy to our own Milky Way galaxy?_x000b_Andromeda is recognized as the closest major galaxy to the Milky Way (Van 98). _x000b__x000b_8. When did the famous English poet and playwright William Shakespeare live?_x000b_The famous English poet _x0093_William Shakespeare_x0094_ lived between 26th April 1564 and 23th April 1616 (Shapiro 52)._x000b__x000b_9. What large library existed in ancient Egypt? _x000b_The Library of Alexandria is one of the biggest libraries that existed in ancient Egypt. The library is recognized to be part of Alexandria museum (El-Abbadi and Omnia 49)._x000b_10. What city hosted the first ever Winter Olympics, and in what year?_x000b_The first ever Winter Olympics was hosted by Chamonix, France, in 1924 (Braghin et al 184)._x000b_

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