Work activities after the industrialization

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Industrialization dramatically impacted the nature of human labor by replacing human employees with machines. Manual work became simpler with devices, and industrialization implemented better practices of estimating workers' performance.
Industrialization's Impact on Nature of Labour
The art of John Neagle, "Pat Lyon at the Forge" painting, describes simple tools by an artisan. Most of the work is done manually. Hammer and anvil expose how the artisan handled blacksmith labor. A simplistic workshop manned by the artisan and the apprentice displays the simplicity of the job. In the movie "welding the big ring," the laborers sustain the ring to be welded utilizing chains. Welding is done using fire after which the welded part is hammered by men using massive hammers. The workstations are big compared to that in the portrait, and the number of workers is big. After continuous hammering, the people take the ring back to fire and take it over to a machine which continuously hammers to the welded area. “Girls winding armatures” shows a transformation from the forge in that various women sits in rows alongside turning machines. Two men push the wire rolls down the aisle. The workstation has two supervisors who stop to inspect each worker. “Casting a guide box” shows a transformation in nature of labor whereby machinery is used to mold. The molten material is poured into the machine using a bucket, and when finished, the men take away the bucket using a crane. Evolution from manual labor by workers to a more advanced way of working which minimizes effort and time becomes evident. “Girls taking time checks” shows many women filing by a device on the wall from which they take their time checks. After all the girls have checked a man, supposedly a supervisor runs across the room. The film shows a change in nature of labor where the number workers is accounted by taking time checks.

Reflection on transformation of labor

Labour movement in America has played a significant role in uplifting the living conditions of the citizens. Prior the trade movements, workers were under their managers and industry owners who didn’t care much about the welfare of the people but had more interest in some returns they got. The labor movement has however seen many industries die and new industries sprout. The industry sector has also seen a dramatic with the introduction of lie detectors and electronic surveillance which monitors workers’ performance. Also, employees enjoy their rights with more companies advocating for workers’ safety and flexibility. For the past twenty years, employees’ rights have become an issue of concern with the emergence of stronger unions who advocate for workers’ rights. Considerable change in nature of work has been effected with use of automatic machines.

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