Work and Marriage Have Similarities

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The relationship between an employer and an employee is more comparable to a marriage in the "eyes of the law." When marital laws and other legal models are taken into account, they more precisely reflect the connection of work in times of termination. The job of marriage entails many characteristics, including interdependence, financial and emotional investment, and the assumption that the relationship would persist in the absence of wicked behavior.

Marriage preservation calls for a certain level of dedication, much like a profession. For instance, according to the study conducted by UCLA psychologists, a couple who are willing to commit themselves to their relationship through making sacrifices are likely to have a long and lasting relationship. Likewise, employment requires a commitment to achieve the objectives set by the firm (Brooks, 2012). This effort includes living up to the expectation of the employers, showing up in time and finding solutions to challenges available in the workplace (Kellaway, 2017). They are the core factors necessary to ensure that an employee retains his job and the chances are that if the employer is contented with the demeanor of the employee professionally, the position will be long-lasting.

Kellaway, (2017) suggest that communication can either break or make relationships. For example, going beyond asking your spouse how his or her day went and their plans by paying attention to their emotions, body languages and talking about relevant topics strengthens a relationship. Equally, if an employee pays attention and listens to his/her boss’s body language is beneficial in their communication. Through this, the employee can guess the emotion of the employer regarding specific projects. Moreover, building conducive communication in the workplace and relationships helps in handling situation in a mature manner.

Either in the workplace or marriages we all make mistakes, hence learning from your mistakes is momentous (Brooks, 2017). However, lack of learning from mistakes not only demonstrates lack of care but also shows not paying attention to the relationship or job. For instance, as a professional one tries to improve, therefore this cannot happen if we do not learn from our faults.


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May 10, 2023

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