Work-related injuries and deaths

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Most frequent work-related injuries and deaths today are caused with the aid of falls from the height or even on the same level. The Same level can additionally be referred to as a working surface. Such injuries occur on a daily foundation in different working places and pose a big chance to the workers and the society in general. Insurance companies are using a lot of cash in compensation for such cases like occupation injuries and deaths. It is the responsibility of the enterprise to compensate for the affected person hence companies groups end up spending a lot of resources in compensation for workplace accidents and deaths. Despite the fact that statistics keep on altering from time to time, falls remain a heavy toll on the society (Goetsch, 2015). The total compensations and medical costs that result from workers injuries and deaths remain the highest as compared to other medical issues. Data produced from a study that was conducted by Liberty Mutual show indicates that more than fifteen billion dollars are used yearly in workers compensation and medical costs. Falls that occur from high areas are more common as more injurious as well. However, those that arise from the working surface are also a cause of concern.

The leading causes of workplace falls according to the article occur from heights occur due to wall or roof openings, walking on elevated areas, poorly fixed or temporary fixed stairs and ceilings, and so forth. Other falls occur on the working surface as they may be caused by slippery floors, stairs, runways, ramps, and uneven floors.

It is important to provide safety requirements for walking areas so as to ensure that workers are safe as they walk around in the places of work. Employees are entitled to a safe working environment. Organizations should, therefore, provide safety measures in their work areas. Furthermore, apart from the workers, other pedestrians may be present in the organization's environment such as the public or invitees to the company. They are also in danger of fall hazards and should also be protected from such accidents and deaths as well.

A1264.1-2017 provides guidelines that should be followed in circumstances when employees are exposed to danger. It may seem to focus on the company's environment only solely but can also act as a guide to the industries where other pedestrians are involved. On the other hand, OSHA's rule on walking/working surfaces dictates that to prevent falls from platforms and other working surfaces, and prevent falls into the floor and wall holes. It requires that the provision of guardrails, stair, and handrails on stairways, with uniform riser and tread dimensions. The two documents, therefore, focus on that, walking/working surfaces need to be regularly inspected to maintain high safety standards.

In conclusion, it is critical for walking/working walls to be checked periodically. Repairs should be done on the weak walls and any alarming conditions of the surfaces and walls. Employers should be allowed to make decisions on the prevention and safety measures that they feel they are best for their companies. The primary focus should be on the safety of employees and other pedestrians in the organizations' environments. The article has played a critical role in answering all questions that might arise in regards to safety issues within the organization. As such, it can be used as a reference point on the subject.


Goetsch, D. L. (2015). The basics of occupational safety (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson

August 09, 2021




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