Workforce Transportation Habits

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Due to increased area traffic, city and county transportation authorities are looking at options to expand road capability. Our business employs over 43, 000 people, which significantly contributes to the traffic issue in this region. As a result, there is a continuing need to devise methods to minimize traffic, such as including subventions for employee transportation. However, we cannot have efficient transportation until we first determine the needs of the employees. As a result, the data discussed below represents the results of a study of workers' desires and attitudes. It forms the first step towards the provision of transport solutions that are tailored to benefit all the key players in this scenario.
Figure 1: Employee Carpool Habits
The data is significant in this research process because it enables us to gauge the employees' attitude towards the different means of transport. As indicated, most of the employees are yet to embrace the concept of sharing vehicles with their colleagues so as to minimize costs.
Figure 2: Use of Public Transportation
Most of the employees in the company use public transport to get to work hence suggesting that the issue of local traffic may be caused by other secondary factors and not the privatized transportation of the company which is only 28%.

Figure 3: Effect of Potential Improvements to Public Transportation
This particular diagram illustrate the response that employees gave when asked about their opinion on the effects that improvement of public transport will have.
This inquiry was asked to those respondents who utilize open transportation arbitrarily or never, a subgroup that speaks to 17,915 representatives or 41% of the workforce. Their reaction would give a knowledge in the matter of whether the arrangement of a healthy transport framework will be generally welcomed or something else
Figure 4: Is Telecommuting an Option?
Judging from the responses provided by the respondents, it is quite apparent that most of the employees prefer working in the office as opposed to working from home. Therefore, the issue of transport ought to be reformed as it caters for the needs of a diverse number of commuters.
Data provided in the analysis give the stakeholders an insight into the employee preference and needs in the context of transport. Despite the few differences, employees show general disproval for the concept of telecommuting which rules out its application in the industry. Perceptions are subject to change in response to the changes in the surrounding environment. Therefore some of the vicissitudes such as improvement of the public transport system might elicit change in the perception of public transport.
Solution 1: My first recommendation is that the transport authorities enhance the adaptability of public transport.
Facilities ought to be tailored to meet the divergent needs of the consumers. Essentially, more people will embrace public transport if the travelling experience is worthwhile.
Solution 2: For the company, I would suggest that different transport options be provided because employees have different views concerning transportation.
The company should invest in shuttle buses that provide comfort and are flexible in terms of routes so as to cater for the needs of the employees who use public transport to work. This will efficiently reduce the bulk of local commuters who flock the public transport roads.

December 15, 2021
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