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Workplace and courage

Courage is the psychological and spiritual courage to engage in, persevere in, and face adversity, difficulty, or terror. The capacity to exude bravery does not imply that one does not become uncertain, uncertain, or afraid of performing when it is needed, especially for long-term advantage. Furthermore, there would be no need for bravery if there was no fear or anxiety.
When anyone is serving in an organization, they can see two forms of bravery at work: essential courage and moral courage. Moral courage is the genuine assertion of one’s convictions in the quest of finding the common good in spite of power differentials, disagreements, rejection or condemnation. On the other hand, vital courage is the incitement for actions that further survival. While vital courage is survival based, moral courage tends to focus on ideology. Moral courage is connected to the interests of the organization and vital courage is associated with the interests of the employee.

Moral courage is evident in the workplace when a worker decides to risk or work harder, not because of the personal rewards he will get, but for the sake of the interests of the organization. The clerk who decides leave to his activities to assist an aged customer throughout the store even if it will interfere with his schedule and knowing well that he will not finish all his tasks on time is demonstrating moral courage. An employee who assists a co-worker who was not within his schedule and will not mind delaying his tasks or working overtime to complete his personal tasks is showing moral courage.

Vital courage may be demonstrated when a worker ventures into something exceptional in order to further his position in the organization. When someone takes these risks they sacrifice their time or their smooth running schedule with their interests in mind. Vital courage is a benevolent form and may include working an extra shift in order to qualify for a raise. These activities improve a person’s goals and also the company achieves its general mission.

July 24, 2021






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