Workshop Implementation

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Workshops provide an excellent opportunity for one to learn new skills. The program coordinator is able to introduce new concepts and train the staff on changes in procedures. The process facilitates staff development, and the participants learn new knowledge. Therefore, learning how to conduct workshops that will be deemed impactful is fundamental to the program coordinator to drive a sense of accomplishment. This paper will detail the processes that need to be followed by a program coordinator in conducting workshops as well as delineate recommendations that are necessary to improve work style in the whole practice. Proper coordination ignites maximum standardization and guarantees that the coordinator employs similar facets when organising for workshops.

Workshop Preparation

Preparing for a workshop is a task that needs to be addressed with great significance as it determines the success of the process. To start with, objectives should be defined in order to deliver the required information and new skills to the members. Notably, outlining goals and creating concrete topics to be covered works to inspire the participants. The materials required should be assembled, and the workshop should be scheduled in the morning and early in the afternoon when the participants are alert to actively engage in the process. The program coordinator has to know that workshops provide a way of creating an intensive educational experience. For this reason, a comprehensive effort should be directed to spur participants and encourage them throughout the process. Teaching hands-on-skills has to be the pivot of the program to avoid failure. Arguably, the coordinator is supposed to mirror a sense of community through incorporating diversity and inclusion in the participants.

Responsibilities of the Program Coordinator

The program coordinator is mandated to carry out various processes detailed in the workshop including registration of members and making sure that the participants sign the attendance sheets. One needs to print the materials on time and ensure all stationeries such as laptops, spreadsheets, and showrooms are in place. Mentorship is also a critical responsibility especially when it comes to workshops that are grounded on the topic of emerging women and leadership. Mentorship is one of the primary factors in every workshop as it promotes the interaction between the participants and the coordinator. Women in business and leadership need to be mentored, and hence workshops should capitalize on the aspects. Another vital responsibility is coined on leading with inclusion concept. Diversity inclusion creates awareness, promotes the proper execution of the mandate and welcome various opinions from different backgrounds. A checklist provides a guideline to be undertaken.

The diagram below shows the steps that the program coordinator needs to follow in executing the workshop mandate:


Notably, establishing new connections between the coordinator and the participants needs to be spearhead workshop engagement and performance.  In fact, inclusion and diversity awareness should be the underlining driving agenda of the program. In attempts to facilitate interaction, diagrams should be created to explain the workflow and manifest how the process will be conducted and standardized. The registration process should be closed four days earlier to help the coordinator arrange for the materials needed like stationery and catering services. The location and room have to be inspected one day before to ascertain their availability and ensure security is guaranteed.

Program managers have to fill out all the required forms one week before the onset to assist in preparations. The program coordinator should order for more laptops that the participants will use and not only base on using one machine as this results in inconvenience. The required documents should be printed in advance before the process of the workshop begins. Besides, having a checklist in place is central to implementing the program procedures. New calendar which shows the workshop attendance dates should be generated and books to be utilized need to be available three months in advance. Lastly, the coordinator should ask for extra clickers and batteries which will act as backup plan in case things do not go as planned.

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