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Wrap up Transition Psychology

The course frequently deals with adaptation to life changes and some of the difficulties that people often face in the process. Therefore, the course plays an important part in equipping individuals with the knowledge and abilities required to help them live a life that is maximally rewarding, based on recent studies. Many of the ways the course has helped me transition to the college include encouraging my prioritization of answers to the load of the course and time management. The course presents individuals with a wide variety of information on both adaptation and mental health problems. The fact that the course required full time working on the various projects and studying at the same time necessitated adequate planning to facilitate management of time. Ensuring effective management of time played a crucial role in equipping the individuals with the necessary skills of organizing their lives to avoid delays in submission of the projects.

Moreover, the course equipped me with the necessary skills for prioritizing the course load responses. The course load required that I allocate time to the various tasks to ensure that I do not focus on one aspect of the course while leaving the other behind. As such, planning was of importance to ensure the allocation of adequate resources to the course loads. The course thus played a significant role in equipping me with the necessary skills for managing the available resources through prioritization of the course load responses. I intend to ensure that I think critically about the adjustment information that I encounter in the course of the daily life. Moreover, I plan to apply the acquired knowledge of the course to ensure that I integrate the information from the different sources and use them in unique circumstances besides providing effective development of my skills in written communication in other aspects of my life as well.

August 09, 2021

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