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Writing 101 has taught me the foundational writing skills I need for written correspondence. This course has been very beneficial to me because it has enabled me to better understand the organization, method, and framework of written communication. Effective writing allows the writer to construct a series that allows the reader to follow and comprehend the meaning that the writer wishes to express. Reading, in my opinion, is a vital phase in conversation. Understanding writing tips encourage students to have the required skills for orderly and rational correspondence. I started writing 101 with foundational skills such as the construction of basic sentences. As the course progressed, I acquired deeper insights regarding the organization of thoughts and ideas. I recognized that effective writing involves gathering ideas, prewriting, actual writing, and editing.

The Experience

I discovered that it is important to organize ideas before writing them down. Quite often, ideas form in the mind of the writer. It is necessary to have a mental perspective of how the ideas should synchronize in order to create a whole picture of what the writer intends to write down. I also discovered that writing about a particular topic or problem enables the writer to contemplate the cause and effect of the problem before solutions to the problem can be suggested. For example, if one is required to write about school shootings, it is important to write about the cause, consequences, and possible solutions to the problem. A holistic approach to writing is paramount.

Writing 101 enabled me to understand the centrality of pre-writing prior to actual writing. This skill occurs after ideas have been formed in the mind and involve noting the ideas down either in a note book or typing on a personal computer. There are many techniques of prewriting. One, the writer can choose to write freely by converting the ideas on a note book. In so doing, s/he does not have to rely on any other source of material to develop the written communication. The second technique involves questioning relevant respondents regarding the subject matter and converting the responses into a piece of paper (Langan, 2013). Third, questioning is imperative since it generates more insights regarding the subject matter.

I established that the writer can decide to make a list of what s/he intends to write. Listing allows the writer to remember important topics and sub topics. Also, it helps in creating a logical sequence in the entire writing process. Langan (2013) reveals that ideas can be clustered to ensure that related points are put together. In so doing, it enables the reader to follow the written communication without difficulty. This explains why books are divided into chapters while chapters are further broken down into topics and subtopics. The final technique of pre-writing involves preparation of a scratch outline. An outline provides the backbone for writing. It presents the roadmap that the writer should follow while writing. The outline also gives the reader an opportunity to have a quick overview of the contents of the written work.

The actual writing is the subsequent step that follows the prewriting stage. At this point, I learned to document necessary information in line with my outline. I took cognizance of the ideas that I gathered and noted down as well as any other information that deemed relevant for the work. This stage is very important because the instructor passes his judgment based on the quality of work that has been presented for marking. The skills I learned in this course enabled me to develop my essays in an orderly manner. It explains why I received positive feedbacks from my instructor.

I recognized the significance of proof reading throughout the course. After writing the first draft, it is necessary to read the entire document afresh while taking note of punctuation, grammar, and typographical errors. Effective writing encompasses careful examination of the written work and removing unnecessary words. The written communication should be direct and precise. I learned to insert missing words and deleting unwanted words to establish meaning in the work.

Problem(s) Encountered

Despite the skills that I learned in the course, Writing 101 was accompanied by some challenges. In the past, I had never been exposed to writing of this magnitude. Learning the techniques of writing effectively was quite a new experience. In this regard, I had to create more time to master some of the important skills. To overcome this problem, I have dedicated significant time for reading and writing.


I recognized that effective writing requires the student to practice with the view of establishing perfection. I discovered that practicing creates confidence in the writer and enables him or her to remember some of the basic writing skills which can help in adding value to the written material. I regard practicing as a secret to mastering the art of writing. Looking back, I can reveal that I have become a better writer because I learned from others and practiced it. I do not doubt that the skills I have learned in this course will be very relevant in my future undertakings. I believe that I will be able to write and communicate effectively in a world where mastery of the English language is important. Going forward, I would love to utilize my time effectively in learning the art of writing and improving my skills.


Langan, J. (2013). College writing skills with readings. Tata McGraw-Hill Education.

December 15, 2021

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